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What exercises are best for abs

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What exercises are best for abs

  • Cardio load – an obligatory component of fitness training
  • Tips for performing fitness exercise fans HLS
  • Effective fitness program for the relief of abdominal muscles

Every woman that cares about her figure, knows how hard it is to fight with body fat in the abdominal area and waist. Need to make considerable efforts to systematically do fitness, what would his stomach was taut, and the figure aesthetically appealing.

It is a mistake to assume that the inflated abdominal muscle will make the belly firmer and relief. Regular fitness exercise for pumping the muscles of the abdominals will not give such a desirable result because it will have no effect on the decrease of subcutaneous fat in the problem area. The result of this fitness workout is abs hidden under an impressive fat.

Cardio load – an obligatory component of fitness training

What would fitness workout brought double effect: strengthen the abdominal muscles and reduce body fat, make sure to do cardio exercises. Immediately after the power of the fitness make time for cardio exercise. It is advisable to do through the day. One workout a week should be moderate intensity lasting about 1 hour. During the rest of the class try to observe the following interval pattern:

  • low-intensity warm up — 5 min;
  • medium-intensive workout — 3 min.;
  • high intensity – 2 min.;
  • rest — 5 min.

To do 4 repeat 2 and 3 interval.

During the execution of fitness exercises with low intensity General physical condition is not changed, breathing steady and heart rate increases significantly. Exercises with moderate intensity cause a significant increase in heart rate, to talk seriously, because the breath starts to stray. High intensity exercises are not allow to talk. Prolonged high-intensity exercise dangerous to the health of fan of a healthy lifestyle.

Best cardio addition to the exercise will be exercise on such machines as the treadmill or Bicycle. Prefer aerobics or dancing, if you choose to group fitness.

To get rid of fat deposits on your abdomen, you can combine special exercises for the abdominal muscles and cardio workouts.

Tips for performing fitness exercise fans HLS

To give the muscles of a belly bump in the short term stick to these rules:

  • Fitness workouts must be done regularly, preferably every other day.
  • Observe the correct execution of each exercise. Remember: effort — exhale, calm breath.
  • Do not forget about the neck. Exercises do not strain the cervical area. The correct execution of movements must be accompanied by a burning sensation in the stomach muscles, but the muscles of the shoulders, neck and back discomfort should not be.
  • Make a fitness program classes competently. Do not perform the same motion continuously. List of exercises to effectively work abs great. What would the body develop harmoniously and proportionally, train various muscle groups. Fitness combine abdominal exercises with pumping muscles of the back, waist and shoulder belt.
  • The load increase must be gradual. In the beginning, each exercise should be performed 15 times. If in such rhythm, the load is not there, you can add a single approach. Gradually increasing the number of repetitions should walk to the 3 approaches for 25 reps.

Effective fitness program for the relief of abdominal muscles

Describes the list of exercises you should perform a good warm-up the muscles.

A pair of scissors. Starting position: lying on the floor, hands under buttocks, legs raised above the floor. Exhale raise the legs wide apart, inhale through them. During the exercise, try not to touch the floor with their feet, but don’t lift them too high.

Pushing the legs up the abdominal muscles. The source position is the same, only the legs slightly bent at the knees and raised at chest level. Exhale — using the abdominal muscles push the pelvis upwards, while the lower back off the floor. Inhale slowly return to starting position.

Twisting of the body (hardcore version). Among the most effective exercises for a flat stomach stand out twisting. Variations of this fitness exercise a lot. Here is one of them. Lie on your back, press your elbows to the body, and the brush position on the abdomen, feet flat. Exhale — lift the body and legs towards each other, as if making a crease. To facilitate you can stretch your arms forward. Inhale — slowly lower yourself, head and shoulders should not touch the floor.

Video strap, turning into side. This exercise relates to a static fitness, ie there movements are absent. The correct starting position is the basic requirement. Take a horizontal position, rest your elbows and toes into the floor, lift the body. All the muscles must be in tension, try to pull in a straight line. Remain in the pose for 30 seconds.Then raise your left arm up, turning the housing in a lateral position, while maintaining the evenness of the body and tension in the muscle for 30 seconds. Then return to a straight bar and hold the pose for 30 seconds. And make a u-turn to the right for another 30 seconds. Total exercise should last 2 min.

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