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What do you think about your trainer?

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You ever wonder what they think of your personal trainer in class, as it evaluates you, can condemn? Almost all fitness trainers at work thinking about the same.

Have you ever thought about how to evaluate your personal trainer? If he could judge you by hiding negative thoughts about professional ethics? The visitors of the halls no way of knowing what was discussed by the coaches behind closed doors, although this information would be very useful. These are the basic thoughts of the coaches about their players.

The coach doesn’t want to hear about your personal problems

Do not confuse a coach with a therapist, his job is to work on body instead of listening to the stories of your life. The coach can listen to you out of politeness, but in fact such revelations irritate him.

Coach condemns you for being lazy and doing nothing

A personal trainer is hired to achieve specific athletic and fitness goals, but he will not train for you. When you are lazy in training or miss a class, ignore advice on nutrition, and then gaining weight, your coach condemns you.

The coach thinks you’re obsessed with ideals of mass media

All the coaches don’t like it when their wards choose their ideals from images in social networks and want to make your body the same. Perhaps the person you stare at, lost weight using surgery or pumped muscles by using steroids. The impact of mass media makes the work of coaches is more complex, as the customers generated high expectations.

The coach can’t stand whiners

No one likes constant complaints and whining, the professional activities of a coach forces him to deal with whiners every day. If the coach has chosen for you this program, it means he thinks you can handle.

Work on yourself it is difficult in advance to prepare yourself for difficulties.
The coach doesn’t like to clean up after you

In all halls it is customary to return the equipment to the place, it should not do coach, and visitors. Trainer provides you their services but it is not a nanny that will eliminate the effects of your workout.

The coach does not like the dreamers

Expectations regarding the result of the training must be realistic, everyone has their genetic barrier that is impossible to overcome. Exactly the same should be realistic expectations regarding the timing, the coach will not be able to make your body perfect for a week or even a month.

The coach does not like it when vamping

There are exceptions, but professionals in the workplace are exclusively engaged in their work responsibilities. Clients are often addicted to their mentors, the coaches got used to it and try every possible way to avoid it.

Coach hates excuses

In order to workout brought results, you need to be consistent and responsible. Coach I wonder why you missed class or was late for him, he will note only the fact of your lack of responsibility and serious relationship. It’s very funny when people miss a workout, and then ask the coach about the lack of progress.

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