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What country eat right? Parse 5 world of diets

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in the cold time of the year is even harder. When choosing dinner, we often tend to “comfort” food — the nourishing borscht, dumplings, pasta. The menu becomes more monotonous and poor in nutrients. This often leads to vitamin deficiencies — deficiency of essential vitamins and phytonutrients such as vitamin C, iron, zinc. To provide a continuous stream of vitamins and minerals that you need strategically to plan the diet is to regularly consume vegetables of all colors, fruits, greens, meat, fish, seafood, seeds and nuts.

At this stage, we usually taken regularly fill your refrigerator vegetables of all colors of the rainbow and fresh meat is difficult and, to put it mildly, expensive, and eat up all this wealth for a few days — almost impossible. And it’s not even in the national gastronomic habits and characteristics. 100% correct diet basically does not exist. Not to be unfounded, we approached the issue thoroughly and analyzed that are eaten all over the world. As it turned out, in any power system there are flaws. Now let us consider the examples.


Pros and cons:

  • diversity
  • a large amount of refined sugar
  • the almost complete absence of fiber
  • huge portions
  • high calorie
  • the preponderance of simple carbohydrates and “bad” fats

This is the most obviously harmful diet that you can imagine. Many refined foods, GMOs, non-human portions and sugar-sugar-sugar. It is worth to pay tribute to the Americans — in the States 20 years ago has started a boom in healthy and organic. To realize the need for change, the most “heavy” of the nation needed to achieve culinary bottom and go to the front in the number of people suffering from obesity. From the West came to us trends in healthy eating, LCHF-diets (a diet high in fat and low in carbohydrates) and other dietary gadgets. Thanks to the efforts of the stars and bloggers vegan is no longer an insult but a position that I understand and even respect. Nevertheless, the majority of Americans are still eating nuggets and burgers. Why? First, the force of habit, and second, the HLS is voluntary and quite expensive. To assemble the “basket” that will meet all the requirements for the availability of nutrients, you need to spend a solid amount. By the way, the caloric content, it also will not give a greasy Burger with crispy fries.


Pros and cons:

  • high protein
  • the lack of fresh vegetables and fruits
  • the abundance of fatty and heavy foods
  • the high content of simple carbohydrates
  • uncontrolled sugar consumption

Take malacoctenus products and “marry” them with mayonnaise — one of my favorite gastronomic habits of the Russians. Remember how proud we are of Olivier! Now will not apply to poverenny books of XIX century with stewed grouse and baked walleye, and look in the fridge the average Russian. What do we have here? Sausage, mayonnaise, potatoes, a loaf of white bread, butter, buckwheat, cheese “Russian”… more — individually. According to the poll for 2015, the main course for most is bread (84%) and cereals (85%), and 76% regularly eat pasta. Where vegetables, you ask? For example, in the soup. The soup somehow has a sacred importance in the gastronomic culture of the country. Raw vegetables and fresh herbs appear on the tables only in the summer, and seasonal support is clearly insufficient.


Pros and cons:

  • the high content of omega-3 fatty acids
  • simple and fresh ingredients
  • high starch content
  • the deficit of omega-6 acids

Yeah, about the Asian long-lived legends, and obesity is not listed among the problems of the region’s residents (only if we are not sumo wrestlers). The kitchen is really rich in fatty acids omega 3, the ingredients are simple and fresh, and the cooking is intuitive.

Nevertheless, even here there is something to complain about. First and foremost, the white rice for Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Asians it replaces the bread. Whereas in fact this cereal is devoid of nutrients and even harmful — contains one of the fastest carbohydrates among the cereals, from the blood sugar spikes and then plummets, causing insulin surges, feeling a sharp head and even threaten the development of diabetes. In the United States conducted an experiment that showed that the use of cleaned rice more than five times a week increases the chances of getting diabetes by 17%. “The Japanese eat, and they did”. Of course. Rice for them is a staple for centuries. The metabolism of Japanese changed in accordance with the Asian realities.

Middle Eastern cuisine

Pros and cons:

  • dietary diversity
  • lots of greenery and spices
  • high protein
  • deficiency of omega-3 fatty acids
  • a lot of oil and fried foods

Middle Eastern cuisine is diverse, delicious and satisfying. And she is considered one of the most ancient. If I had to describe it briefly, will be that a lot of cereals, red meat, spices and herbs. By the way, here come all beloved falafel, hummus, Shawarma. In General, it looks good. Chickpeas (the basis for the falafel and hummus) are rich in protein, red meat increases hemoglobin, spices reduce the need for salt. The only caveat — most of the dishes contain a catastrophically large amount of oil, and the hit middle Eastern dishes — falafel — and all cooked in oil. Even a few leaves of lettuce and a tomato is not able to compensate for the cholesterol impact.


Pros and cons:

  • balanced composition
  • a large number of polyunsaturated fatty acids, fiber and biologically active substances
  • a light diet rich in proteins and mineral salts
  • the high cost

Yes, just like that. Serious fault, however, to nothing — no wonder nutritionists around the world have declared the power system is the most balanced and strategically to preserve health for many years. Moreover, this diet, which UNESCO in 2010, ranked to the cultural heritage. American Journal of Medicine (“American medical journal”), the Archives of Neurology (“neurology Digest”), Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism (“the Journal of clinical endocrinology and metabolism”), and many other esteemed publications have written about the benefits of diet for brain, cardiovascular, and other other systems that are involved in life. What is the feature? Maximum vegetables, fruits and berries, which I buy every day, getting almost everything from the garden, fragrant spices instead of salt, quality red wine, natural yogurt, fresh whole grain bread and the main binding element of all this olive oil is cold pressed. And now let’s move into the Russian autumn-winter realities and try to find a fresh salmon steak and a sprig of rosemary. At the sight of the price tag on the fish jumps cortisol levels (stress hormone) in the blood. And nervous, as we know, is harmful. Adherence to the Mediterranean diet has a positive impact on your health, do not argue, but will cost like an airplane wing… somewhere in Portofino.

What are the conclusions?

To balance the diet on their own, but it will require enormous costs — financial, physical and even moral: it is to change the diet means to change your life. There is a way out — to seek the assistance of dietary supplements. Ahead of the phrase “Well, what lived before without dietary Supplements?”, explain. Of course, live and continue. But if you have the opportunity to stay in shape and maintain good health with the intake of vitamins and minerals, why to miss it?

Dietary supplements help to correct diet. This does not mean that you can with a clear conscience to refuse the broccoli and lentils. Dietary supplements help fill gaps in the diet, but in any case are not an alternative to useful products. This is directly reflected in the name biologically active food supplements.

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