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What body types men are

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In today’s world people are increasingly concerned about the issue of appearance and beautiful shape. Representatives of the stronger sex are trying to increase lean body mass and to lose excess weight. The body types of men play a significant role in improving the quality of the body.

Options male physique

Based on this, choose a system of nutrition and training regime. If you do not make the right selection, the man will meet with obstacles in the implementation of the desired result. What are the options of physique and how to define them?

Body type men are divided into three groups: endomorph, mesomorph, ectomorph. Depending on type, will be planned the training regimens and power system to achieve a healthy and strong body. Each of the types has advantages and disadvantages, based on these, create a shape of dreams.



  • Predisposed to be overweight, have a big-boned version of addition.
  • These types characterized by low growth, fat in the abdomen and between the shoulder blades, big-boned, short muscles and round the thorax.
  • The disadvantage of this build is in a rapid set of fat mass and difficulties in leaving but men endomorphy easily gain muscle mass.
  • Because of the slow metabolism, the process of “drying” of the muscles is complexity.
  • Recommendations:

  • Endomorphism recommended a high protein diet, with low fats and carbohydrates.
  • Workout preference in the evening hours and in the morning minimize physical exertion.
  • If men of this type to cope with the problem of the bump body, the advantage is the ability to pump all the muscle groups.
  • Endomorphism will be easier to realize themselves in strength sports: powerlifting, or power extreme.
  • Useful regular cardio or aerobic exercise with a frequency of one day.
  • Contraindicated long sleep, especially in the daytime. Need to sleep a maximum of 8 hours a day.
  • Mesomorphy

    Have a good view of the Constitution to achieve athletic figure. Feature:

  • Average height, long and wide the muscles that surround the thoracic, wide shoulders and proportionality of the long arms and legs.
  • The advantage is the presence of a good muscular corset and a minimal amount of fat.
  • Recommendations:

  • Due to the good metabolic processes in the physique, it is recommended mesomorphism diverse and high-calorie diet.
  • Now let’s talk about the training regime, mesarthim can not be tied to time of day, effectively there will be two training sessions a day with different duration.
  • One of world famous athletes with the addition of mesomorphic Arnold Schwarzenegger was able to demonstrate by example successful, result sports training.
  • Mesomorphy can realize themselves in bodibildinge as the recruitment of muscle mass and drying of the body given to them with equal ease.
  • Men should not exercise too intensely, it can cause injury. Better to be patient and be purposeful.
  • Ectomorphy


  • 1.Have a small amount of fat and lean body structure.
  • 2.Characteristic of large growth, thin bones, long, size, heart and lungs, thoracic stretches.
  • 3.The disadvantage is the complexity of the set of significant muscle mass. To achieve results, ectomorphs need to make great efforts.
  • Recommendations:

  • 1.Due to the fast exchange process, the representatives of the ectomorphic addition can eat about 5 times a day. Carbohydrates are quickly absorbed by their body in comparison to proteins, the latter are digested is very difficult. For the integrated development of the muscle tissue recommended carbohydrate-high protein diet.
  • 2.A feature of the training regime is a study of one particular group of muscles a basic exercises due to the small reserves of energy in the body.
  • 3.Unlike endomorphs, and even mesomorphs, relief muscles from athletic ectomorph is drawn very well.
  • 4.You need to avoid stressful situations, sleep and unwind, practicing yoga and meditation.
  • It is worth noting that in life there are virtually no distinct variants physique: ectomorph, mesomorph, endomorph.

    Men have the combined type athletic build, with a predominance of one or another option. Only when the proper lifestyle it will be easier to figure out which types you treat it.

    How to determine the type of male physique

    How to determine what type of person you are: ectomorph, mesomorph, endomorph? Identify your body type can size of fat and metabolism.

    Ectomorphs have little body fat, and a high level of metabolism, endomorphs, on the contrary, low metabolism and large body fat. Mesomorphy have a neutral body type, while between the two previous types. There is another way to determine the version of physique in men – measuring the circumference of the wrist:

    • •circumference less than 18 cm – ectomorphy;
    • •hand circumference from 18 to 20 cm – mesomorphy;
    • •hand circumference greater than 20 cm have endomorphy.

    Remember that, choosing an appropriate mode of physical activity and nutrition, you can achieve excellent results in sports and to improve the quality of the body, depending on body type.

    However, to whatever type you didn’t define, it is obligatory observance of a healthy lifestyle, proper diet and systematic exercise. Important for each person is healthy and beautiful body, be patient and go to your result.

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