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Well, very critical days: 7 examples of when you hinder your own body

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1. You forget to take pills

The main reason for PMS — shift hormonal balance. Birth control pills usually equalize it, but skipping 2-3 pieces would cause unusual bleeding, and unpleasant sensations. It’s also possible you just don’t fit and others will not be so painful.

2. You’re stressed

He, alas, affects the critical days, forcing the body to produce cortisol. It can change menstrual cycle and lead to irregular menstruation or lack thereof.

3. You don’t sleep

Yes, eight hours of restful sleep unattainable dream for many. But short bad sleep affects all aspects of health. For example, it can lead to more long “holidays”.

4. You drink a lot of coffee

Coupled with the hormonal storm it provokes insomnia and irritability.

5. You travel a lot

This may have an impact on sleep and on melatonin production. The body will adapt, but menstruation can delay.

6. You’ve had too much alcohol

A good way to celebrate the end of a working week, but can cause long menstruation.

7. You do too much exercise

Intense workout can make menstruation more unpleasant. But an easy warm-up these days, by contrast, will easily survive what is happening.

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