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Weights for fitness with his hands

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Weights for fitness with his hands

The contents

  • Weights for fitness
  • The main components of the weighting
  • Algorithm of making a shell for fitness
  • Tips on exercise with shells

For effective and convenient fitness modern gym equipped with a variety of devices, ranging from dumbbells, resistance bands, and ending with all sorts of equipment. And if any club offers us everything we need for training, and homemade fitness situation is somewhat different. The deficit area for training, it is important to choose the shells that will not only help you quickly achieve your goals, but will also occupy little space and be relatively cheap. One of such convenient in all senses of the components are the weights, which can be purchased for a fairly low cost or easy to make at home.

Weights for fitness

Fitness weights are not less popular than dumbbells, and exercise balls bodybare, and when doing some exercises and all are irreplaceable. They represent a made of a fabric bracelets which are often worn on wrists and ankles. Also sometimes used the weights that are placed on the waist and increase the physical load on the abdominal muscles, lower back and buttocks. They come in different weight, which depends on the amount of filler in the weighting, which can be salt, sand or metal plate.

The main purpose of such sporting facilities – increasing the load on the muscles of the extremities during the performance of exercises involving movement of hands and feet. With their help you can make fitness workouts more intense and much more effective.

The main components of the weighting

The primary component of the fitness weighting is the fabric, which should be quite durable and possess high wear resistance. Often for these purposes a tarpaulin, is a tight knit or even denim. As for the characteristics of the material, it is best to give preference to the fabrics, dark colors that are not too Mara and lend themselves well to cleaning. The product will be in direct contact with the skin, but because the material also should choose soft and pleasant to the touch.

The most common filler for such a sporting fixture using salt or sand, the reason is the relative cheapness of these components. There is an option of weighting in which the weight can be adjusted, but because they often contain metal plate and zipper in order to add the filler to the desired weight.

To such a shell is firmly held to the limb and allowed comfortable to hold a fitness workout, you need reliable fastening. Most often, this is done using Velcro, which are convenient to use, but very quickly come into disrepair, causing the weights to slip and require re-mounting. For use at home, a good lace-up to ensure adherence of the projectile to the limbs. Nylon ribbon with a metal ring is another option of fixing the weights.

Algorithm of making a shell for fitness

The process of making weights for arms and feet are the same, the only difference is the size of the product:

  • To start, take two rectangular piece of suitable fabric, the width of each of which should be about 10-12 cm, the length should pick up individually depending on the girth of your wrist or the ankle. In determining the amount, take into account that during the filling of the several weights they will be reduced, and therefore the desired length, add another five inches.
  • Next two parts of the same weighting should be turn inside out and sew among themselves, leaving a little space in order to fill the filler.
  • Remove the stitched part and stitch the pocket a few times up and down to evenly disperse the filler and to make the use of weighting more convenient.
  • On the free edge of the received sew the zipper pocket, which will prevent the precipitation of salt or sand.
  • If you selected for attaching the Velcro or lace-up, sew them to the ends of the shells, if nylon tape, need to sew it in the middle of the obtained weighting, and one edge of the tape to attach the metal ring.
  • It should be noted that the weight of the weights, which typically varies from 0.5 to 5 kg. With a low degree of training to perform the exercises recommended with the minimum weight, physical activity should increase gradually as you build strength and endurance. The weights intended for placement on the waist, their weight can reach even 15 kg.

    Tips on exercise with shells

    For comfortable and durable use weights in their fitness training filler is recommended to fill in small bags and then placed in the middle of the projectile. To a greater extent this applies to fillers having a loose form, because they can damage the fabric or Wake out.

    You should also pay attention to the quality of the filler depends on the convenience of fitness classes. Stones of medium size, even if they are smooth, for this purpose is not suitable, as may injure the skin. If you decide to use salt, you should not take for this major, the ideal option would be the salt “Extra”. She is very small and can penetrate through the fabric, to injure the skin and even cause her irritation, so during manufacturing of the shells it is important to place this salt in special bags.

    Be sure to use Libra when falling asleep filler in the weights, it is important that both shells weight was the same to avoid uneven muscle development and injury. If you are new to the sport, the physical load on the muscles should be minimal and for this you shells 500 g, and when you are able with weight easy to perform a specified number of repetitions, it will be possible to increase it to 1 kg.

    The weights are comfortable sport device that helps to increase the intensity of training, do fitness trainings more productive and comfortable. Therefore their use will accelerate the desired results from training.

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