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Weight Loss Workouts for Men: Principles and Features

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Before you start playing sports, you should take into account that weight training for men will provide the desired effect only together with a strict diet. A balanced diet is the basis of the fight against excess weight. Even the most intense exercises will not help to lose weight if harmful products continue to enter the body. Therefore, any program is primarily built not on the choice of discipline for training, but on building proper nutrition. Read more about how to eat and exercise in the gym to lose weight without harm to health, read on.


The diet of the training athlete is different from the ordinary person who does not work out in the gym, even if they have the same goal – to lose weight. Exposing the body to regular loads requires the intake of a large amount of nutrients to restore it. If you severely restrict nutrition, it will be difficult for the body to tolerate physical activity, which will lead to health problems. To avoid this, exclude:

flour and fried foods;
sausages and canned food;
fast food;
fast food;
chocolate, sugar, jam and other sweets;

Add to your daily diet:

fish and seafood;
vegetables (try to eat fresh);
milk products;
green tea.

man with a plate of salad

The body must get rid of body fat, but not suffer from a lack of nutrients. To prevent this problem, replace:

ordinary dairy and sour-milk products fat-free;
red fowl.

Highlight 5-6 meals a day. Fractional nutrition will help accelerate metabolism, due to which the body will accelerate the consumption of calories and will gradually use the fats accumulated by the body.

Which sport to choose?

A training program for weight loss for men will give results if you choose the sports discipline that the body responds to better. The list of sports that burn the most calories per hour of class includes:

fast running, walking – 300-400;
cycling – 300-500;
aerobics – 500;
water aerobics – 600;
swimming – 700.

Most beginners focus on cardio, but this is not always the right decision.

Being overweight, an unprepared body while running, jumping rope, aerobics is experiencing a serious load, which negatively affects the cardiovascular system. At the same time, strength training in the gym burns up to 600 calories per hour, – this figure is proportional to water aerobics. An integrated approach will provide maximum results.

man on a bicycle

Training program

Training for weight loss in the gym for men must include:

strength exercises;

The former will allow you to build muscle, the presence of which automatically requires more calories, and the latter will strengthen the heart and endurance. Together they will help burn body fat without harming your health.

The alternation of cardio and power will make it possible to achieve the best effect. A study by scientists from the University of Alabama showed that the described system 1.5 times faster eliminates excess weight. For effective calorie burning:

60% of your workout should be cardio;
do cardio after strength training;
load all muscle groups;
periodically change the training program so that the muscle fibers do not have time to get used to the loads;
Experiment with different sports – each person's body reacts to the same sports discipline in its own way.

man in the gym

Best exercises

You can train on two systems:

split – study of 1-2 muscle groups;
full body – pumping of all muscle departments.

Muscles recover better and develop with 3-4 workouts per week. The list of exercises that burn the largest amount of calories includes:

bench press (barbell, dumbbell), push-ups on the bars, swing the dumbbells to the sides – elaboration of the chest and shoulder sections;
squats with a barbell, bench press in the simulator, deadlift, lunges with weights – pumping legs and lower back;
pulling up, pulling and bending dumbbells, bench press from the head, push-ups from the floor with narrowly located arms – training the triceps, upper back and biceps.

The most safe form of cardio for health is swimming. Beginners are not recommended to run, having a large percentage of body fat. It’s better to start by moving in quick steps. Allocate 2-3 days a week to rest, alternating them with training.

jogging man

The correct program:

help get rid of accumulated adipose tissue;
will make muscles stronger;
strengthens the cardiovascular system.

At the weekend, spend more time on active pastime, such as walking in the fresh air. But do not overwork so that the body has time to recover before the next training day.


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