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Nordic walking appeared a little less than a century ago in Finland. At first, it was exclusively used by skiers, but gradually it became widespread among fans of a healthy lifestyle. Today, walking with sticks for weight loss is an additional tool in the fight against extra pounds in many people around the world. Below we consider the features of this technique, the necessary equipment and how to make classes even more productive.

What is Nordic walking

This sport, unlike most others, is available year-round and does not involve large cash investments. It can be practiced by people of any age and with a different level of training, including those suffering from diseases of the cardiovascular system and joints. The only thing to consider is compliance with the Nordic walking technique for losing weight.

Classes should be conducted approximately three times a week for thirty minutes. Gradually, you can increase the number of walks to four to five a week, increase the intensity and increase the speed of walking. An hour walk will get rid of about 400 kcal.

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What advantages does this sport have:

Exercising all the muscles (95% of the muscles are involved). During walking, both the lower and upper body are involved.
Pretty quick results. After a few months of regular classes, the changes will be obvious. Weight will decrease, and the body will improve.
Increased Stamina.
Improving your posture.
Strengthening bone tissue.
Change in the psychological state for the better.
Normalization of metabolism and sleep.
Better coordination.
The effect of body rejuvenation.

In a word, Nordic walking with sticks for weight loss helps not only to lose weight, but also to recover physically and psychologically.


You will need special sticks, the length of which is determined by your height. It needs to be multiplied by 0.68. More experienced athletes should choose sticks shorter to increase the load. And vice versa, if you are only at the beginning of the path or suffer from joint diseases, you will need longer sticks. The optimal solution for everyone is an accessory of the telescopic system, the length of which can be varied.

Special tips are also needed: for the warm season, rubber, for winter with special spikes that prevent falling.

How to walk

There is a certain difference between everyday and Nordic walking. It is some of the features of the latter that help to successfully lose weight. What you need to know about:

To begin, learn the right step: put your foot on your heel and roll on your toe, then push them off the ground.
Choose good shoes. Let it be high-quality sneakers with improved cushioning.
Always monitor your posture, the back remains straight.
The position of the stick should not be strictly vertical. On the contrary, it must be tilted so that with the arm extended forward, the bottom touches the surface near the heel.

At first, slight pain in the arms and shoulders may be felt. Gradually it will pass.

at least women

Useful Tips

The higher the calorie consumption, the faster the process of losing weight. Therefore, it is in your interests to periodically complicate your task. To do this, you can:

Move arms and legs as intensively as possible.
Keep track of the pulse. Fat starts drowning when the pulse is in the region of 65% of your maximum (to calculate it, you need to take away your age from 220).
Exercise several times a week and do it regularly, without long breaks.
Gradually increase the time of the walk and the length of the route, do not neglect the ups and downs.
Change walking speed.

In between exercises, you can also use sticks for other exercises: bending, squats, etc.

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Do not do:

In acute infections.
In the period of exacerbation of chronic diseases.
In the postoperative period until the doctor permits.
For certain problems with the musculoskeletal system.

It is noted that Nordic walking burns twice as many calories as jogging. This is a simple and enjoyable activity that will help you become healthier, slimmer and more durable.


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