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Weight Loss Walking: Benefits and Technique

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Modern people, in pursuit of a good figure and for the sake of weight loss, often resort to sophisticated techniques and exercises. Many exhaust themselves with strict diets and hard exercises in the gym. In this article, we will consider the easiest and most affordable way to get your body in shape and improve your health. It does not require sports inclinations and special equipment and consists in the fact that every day you need to walk a certain number of kilometers (steps).

Walking for weight loss is a movement mechanism that is laid down by nature itself. By doing the right thing every day, you can achieve excellent results and increase your stamina.

The benefits of walking for a person

In order to feel the result of walking, it is important to make classes regular. We all know from childhood that being in the fresh air has a beneficial effect on the state of mental and physical health. In addition, the cardiovascular system is strengthened, optimal pressure is maintained and blood flow is accelerated.

Fruitful walking also affects the condition of the muscles, as they increase metabolism. A person who goes through more than 10,000 steps daily, after a couple of weeks, will notice that fat deposits turn into muscles. To burn hundreds of kilocalories, a short walk at an average pace is enough.

walking for men

It is very important for men to walk, not only to improve their shape. Daily movement prevents blood from stagnating in the pelvic organs. In this regard, problems with potency are eliminated, and reproductive health is strengthened and prolonged.

From a psychological point of view, regular physical activity, combined with being in the fresh air, promotes the release of the hormone of happiness. People who regularly take walks are less susceptible to stress and maintain mental balance. If you take a walk in the evening, it can be noted that sleep becomes stronger and comes faster.

Thus, regular walking activates blood flow, speeds up metabolism and strengthens the immune system as a whole. It practically has no contraindications for age and health, therefore it will be useful for any person.

Weight Loss Walking: Benefits and Technique

Proper walking technique

Walking for weight loss is significantly different from regular walking. First, a measured step, because it takes time to prepare the body for work. Further, the pace is gradually accelerated, while the back should be straight and the shoulders straightened.

The correct walking technique for weight loss involves a speed of 6 km / h. It is important to keep your breathing rate steady. To check – the pedestrian is calmly talking in the process, but it will be difficult to sing. If the walk does not represent labor for the athlete, then you can take small weighting materials. It can be light dumbbells or 2 bottles of water. It will also be useful to have areas where you need to make efforts (for example, climbing uphill, by stairs).

It is important to pay attention to the setting of the legs. Taking a step, the pedestrian must move from heel to toe, which suggests a more correct load on the spine. Hands at this time actively move along the body and bend at the elbows.

How to make a walk more enjoyable and effective?

It is very difficult for many people to start using walking as a sport, because they are bored and the process quickly bothers. For some of them, you can suggest using your favorite playlist in the headphones or picking up special music to speed up the pace. Scientists have proven that listening to some tracks has a positive effect on the nervous system and helps to improve mood.

Outdoor sports sometimes require the support of friends or close relatives. You can walk with a child, a dog.

It is also important to choose the right shoes, which should be without heels and with a sufficiently flexible sole.

There are many ways to enjoy and benefit from sports walking. We list some of them:

Walking in the early morning when the body needs to wake up. At this time, there are not so many calories in it, so fat is burned more efficiently.
Compliance with the drinking regimen to exclude dehydration and achieve faster burning of body fat.
Selection of terrain and coverage according to purpose. Walking along the grass or sand, as well as climbing uphill will increase the load.
Adding exercises makes it possible to quickly bring the body into shape. At any time, stopping at one of the sports grounds, you can conduct a small warm-up.
Using special applications on your smartphone will help you track the result and set the required load.


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