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Weight loss of hands: the complex effective fitness exercises

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Weight loss of hands: the complex effective fitness exercises
The contents

  • How to organize a weight loss and exercise the strength of hands?
  • The fitness training at home
  • Exercises with weights to work the muscles of the hands
  • How to improve the health and beauty of women’s hands?

A necessary component of each program fitness workouts are exercises to work on the muscles of the hands. Strong hands with a firm skin and muscled emphasize the beauty and health of athletes.

Without appropriate loads his hands quickly lose strength, muscles become flabby, soft tissue accumulates fat. This not only adversely affects the external appearance of a person, but also creates serious obstacles for sports. Indeed, many elements of fitness to abs workout, back and chest, you can play only with strong hands.

How to organize a weight loss and exercise the strength of hands?

Arms account for about 7% of the volume of the entire muscle mass of the human body. For effective weight loss, you need to meticulously work over every muscle, because unwanted body fat can be anywhere from forearm to fingers.

Exercises for the hands can be carried out in the gym and at home. Practice under the guidance of a professional trainer may be more effective, because in the fitness rooms usually present quite a lot of different weight machines to work out the hands. When there is no possibility of regular visits to sports facilities, we can restrict the independent practice at home.

The beauty and health of the hands is achieved through a comprehensive programme. Is essential daily exercises for the hands, the mandatory elements which should be exercises with dumbbells, expander. If necessary, dumbbells can replace plastic bottles with sand.

The slimming hand, requires a revision of the diet. You should change the eating habits, minimizing intake of fatty and sweet food.

The fitness training at home

For self fitness is required to give adequate attention to the gymnastics of hands. The gymnastics elements should be done daily, warming the muscles and preparing them for the upcoming athletic activity. As a warm-up you can use the following exercises:

  • Rubbing brushes.

Hands should alternately rubbing each other palms and back side. Then we need to grind each finger.

  • Pushing forward.

Stretching his tense arms forward, should stretch his hands in the imaginary obstacle. Next, you should make the hand against the resistance of the palms.

  • Warm palms.

Hands should be placed in front of chest palm to palm. Then you want to produce the pressing movement of one or the other with his hand.

  • The original situation remains the same.

The brush deploy palms from itself. Next you need to pull the fingers one or the other of the brush itself, the maximum flexing of your palm.

  • Rotation.

Tense the upper limb to pull to the side and perform a rotational movement, without bending elbow.

  • Stretching hands.

Standing smoothly, it is necessary to stretch hands forward, palms facing away from you. His fingers needed stretching, successively tensing and relaxing the muscles of the arms.

Regular performance of such gymnastics intensificare calorie consumption and provides slimming of the upper limbs.

Exercises with weights to work the muscles of the hands

Training with weights belong to the category of power loads. These fitness items are not only burning calories, but also contribute to building muscle. When creating an individual program of physical activity the moment should be taken into consideration. Relief biceps and triceps emphasize the beauty and health of the male figure. Women in most cases tend not to have developed muscles. Women are generally satisfied with the increase in muscle tone and burning fat.

The most effective for the study of hands are the following exercises with dumbbells:

  • Stand up straight, leaning at the waist so that the torso is parallel to the floor surface. Then, picking up dumbbells, it is necessary to alternately carry out the raising and lowering of hands.
  • Need to stand, leaning toward the floor at an angle of 45 degrees. Taking the dumbbells, you need to first bend the arms at the elbows. You then turn to straighten back one and then the other arm.
  • The inner part surfaces of your hands helps to work slow flexion and extension of hands with dumbbells while standing or sitting.
  • Mahi with dumbbells are very effective element of fitness to train shoulders. You must stand up straight, straightening his shoulders and freely, straighten the arms with dumbbells. Then should be rectified movement of the hands to the sides to shoulder level. In the extreme point of the trajectory it is necessary to pause for a moment and slowly return hands to the starting position.
  • In addition to different variations of exercises with dumbbells, to strengthen the muscles of the hands it is recommended to learn pushups, pay attention to the classes on the horizontal bar and uneven bars, to carry out training elements with an expander.

    In self-training it is desirable to use the video tutorials to learn the correct technique of execution of all elements.

    How to improve the health and beauty of women’s hands?

    The structural features of the female body does not require the presence of overly developed musculature. Beauty and health, women appear in a beautiful rounded shape in supple smooth skin without signs of cellulite.

    To improve muscle tone of the hands of the fairer sex should pay more attention to gymnastic exercises, to seriously deal with the push-UPS from the bench or from the floor, not abuse of power loads. For effective weight loss hands necessarily need to stick to a reasonable diet. Regular physical activity is desirable to complement massage and body wrap problem areas with the use of fat-burning, anti-cellulite means.

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