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Weight loss – how to cheat

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Weight loss is one of the most profitable industries, many corporations are successfully earn on it. There are many misconceptions about weight loss, many of them run on purpose.

Likely, weight loss is one of the most profitable industries, many corporations are successfully earn on it. Many people would like to lose some extra weight and save the result for a long time. Than desperate desire to lose weight, the higher the likelihood that people will believe any lie. The weight-loss sector is surrounded by many misconceptions, many of them run specially, it is the most common of them.

Eat small portions

The concept of “small” is very relative, everyone who has heard this recommendation can modify it on your own. You may think that you eat small portions, but actually getting more calories than you need. Weight loss is an exact science, guided by a rough definition, success is very difficult.

Sex is best exercise

To believe in this myth is nice, but research will upset his supporters. Having sex, it is impossible to spend as many calories as needed for weight loss. Thus, training in the standard sense of the word at the moment, there is no alternative.

Eat fruit for Breakfast

The first is associated with diet food is fruit, so wishing to lose weight will gladly replace Breakfast for a quarter of a grapefruit or a banana. In order to lose weight, you need to get a full nutritious Breakfast, fruit do not meet this criterion. Moreover, many of the fruits of aggressive affect digestion when used on an empty stomach.

Eggs lot of fat

This myth has been dispelled a decade ago, but continue to believe. They say that eggs lot of fat and cholesterol, their use increases the risk of heart attack. Modern scientific studies have shown the opposite, present in the yolk fats are good for the cardiovascular system, and protein promotes weight loss. Also in eggs there are valuable minerals and vitamin A.

Supplement for easy weight loss

No Supplement will replace a healthy diet, moreover, many supplements have dangerous side effects. Natural food additives are safe, but it will not work without proper diet and exercise.

The labels on the products help to count calories

It sounds treacherous, but specified on the packaging the amount of calories is not accurate, the difference can be from 20 to 70%. Manufacturers tend to underestimate the energy value to create the illusion of safety of the product.

The specified amount of calories you need to consider but do not take it as truth in the first instance.
You need to eat whenever hunger

According to nutritionists and psychologists, hunger is an abstract concept. People often lie to themselves that they are hungry, often confusing emotional and real hunger. To eat on a certain schedule, hunger is not always corresponds to it.

You need to start from scientific research

Of course, you need to start from research, not from people’s rumors, but not all studies can be trusted. Some studies specially fabricated, as mentioned above, weight loss is an industry with a large income. You need to start from common sense, then you will be able to distinguish true information from false.

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