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Weight is a special equipment for home workouts

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Features, advantages and strategy training with the use of special extra mass equipment.

Kettlebell sport – specific form of exercise. Most often it is chosen by male athletes, as it involves lifting weights from 8 lbs. to Choose a weight less are considered impractical, easier to replace on dumbbells that are more comfortable for exercise with small weights.

Women and Junior, as a rule, choose the inventory is not very heavy, 8 to 12 kg, in order not to overextend the spine. Powerlifters and bodybuilders use the kegs 16 – 32 kg, etc.

The figure below presents the weight photo.

A set of exercises with weights matched to the physical condition of the individual. Consult your coach before practice if you’ve never played sports using weights. The main advantage of kettlebell fitness is that you can study from the comfort of home and at the gym. Training with weights working different muscles that are not involved in regular group sessions. To perform all the movements you need properly, following the exact trajectory, so as not to get injured. Today we will focus on kettlebell fitness and consider effective exercises for training with kettlebells.


Weight is a special equipment for mastering which takes time to get used to. If you’ve never held in his hand a heavy barrel, at first glance you may not understand what to do and how to apply. Training with weights can be chosen individually depending on the purpose, the power of the skills and abilities of the athlete.

The main difference from dumbbells – unique shape and a special distribution of weight. Therefore, there is a special set of exercises with weights, which is made by coach.

If you have not previously had experience of working with this unusual equipment, you should consult with your physician before beginning workouts. The weight can hurt if you have training problems with the spine.

The weight is chosen depending on the level of training: 8, 12, 16, 24, 32 kg. of Course, beginners in the sport should look elsewhere, for example, start with dumbbells.

Kettlebell fitness is conducive to weight loss, which is why they are many women who want to lose weight. Intense exercise with weights to form muscle mass, which in the process burns fat deposits and speeds up metabolism.

The main benefits of training with weights

By choosing this special equipment for sports, you get obvious advantages, which are listed below:

  • First, the workout combines cardio and weight training. The heavy weight of the barrel plus intense exercise creates a load full employment and stimulate all of the muscles in different modes. Such activities develop and overall stamina, which is an additional bonus.
  • Second, such training is of short duration, in contrast to the usual cardio sessions. Exercises with weights are intensive, which increases the load and reduces the overall time to avoid overstrain of the organism. Kettlebell fitness can be mapped with interval training, which also lasts long. And when there is the opportunity to transfer such activities even in home conditions – it turns out that time costs are reduced by several times.
  • Third, exercise with weights is easily moved to any convenient location. This attribute, if desired, can be transported from home to the cottage or to the Park for a workout in the fresh air.Fourth, the dumbbell has several advantages over the barbell. One of them is that when you exercise is no eversion of the shoulder. In the process of training is the strengthening of the ligaments and joints.

A set of exercises with kettlebells

To begin, select a kettlebell weight that is suitable for sports. As we have seen, the weights are different weights. For women and juniors, it is preferable to choose between 8 and 12 kg (depending on level). Men and advanced athletes with kettlebells weighing 16 kg and above. The hotel includes a variety of exercises, among which everyone will find suitable.

Kettlebell exercises can be attributed to basic because they form the muscles, stretch joints, develop strength and endurance in the whole body. In the process of training involves the hips, back, shoulders, buttocks, then there is a full study of the different groups of muscles. Weights add to the burden, which makes your exercise more effective and efficient. All these benefits that we have listed in this article supplied to ensure that such equipment is almost uniquely suitable for busy businessmen and for advanced athletes, the purpose of which is single – maintain good physical shape and develop strength in the muscles. Do not forget that such a difficult attribute gives a good load on your spine, so be careful and vigilant. If in the course of employment are having any unpleasant sensations should ask your coach for advice.

Consider the list of basic exercises:

Bench press:

  • Take a dumbbell and hold at chest level.
  • Now squeeze the weights up to the stop and lock this position.
  • Return the hand to its original position.
  • Repeat on second hand. You must repeat this exercise 10 times on each hand.


  • Hands, hold the kettlebell at shoulder level.
  • Start squats, constantly guiding the eye right. Dropping down pause and lock the position of the body for a few seconds.
  • Return to starting position, straightening body up gently.
  • Do ten sit-UPS, observing all the rules of execution.


  • Take with two hands a dumbbell and put it between his legs.
  • Buttocks back and bend your knees.
  • Do max weights, rising on the hips. Inventory push forward up to shoulder height and keep your arms relaxed and straight.
  • Neat and smooth motion, return the weight to the starting position.
  • Repeat the swing.
  • Make ten jerks. A number of approaches to determine independently depending on health and rate of fatigue, but at least two approaches.


  • Lower the weight down and touch the floor.
  • Sit down and take inventory in your hands, then push off your heels and straighten up.
  • Pause, fixing the position of the body, back, hold right. Make a tilt over and tap weights of the floor surface.
  • Do ten repetitions, with a break between the lifts up.

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