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Weather at home: 5 rules of cleaning for those who suffer from allergies

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A lot of unpleasant moments for people who suffer from allergies, delivers cleaning: contact with dust and detergents can cause an exacerbation of the disease. How to make your home as clean, comfortable and safe, but not to turn cleaning into “torture”, we asked the experts of the cleaning company “My city”.

1. The first rule for Allergy sufferers in your home must be damp. This will help you a special humidity sensor and regular wet cleaning. Also, we recommend to acquire a vacuum cleaner with a good filter which traps the smallest of dust particles because dust and food mites living in it, are the main cause, aggravating allergies at home. Discipline yourself to use all of the vacuum attachments intended — for curtains, hard to reach places and furniture because dust accumulates everywhere. Your main priority in cleaning is to get rid of dust wherever possible. In light of this, I advise you to reconsider the number of non-functional things in the home: photo frames, soft toys, figurines is the best “dust collectors” in the world.

2. Replace the usual detergents are organic and hypoallergenic. Pay special attention to the kitchen surfaces — it was in the kitchen, the highest risk of mold and harmful microorganisms. Conduct regular “inspection” in the fridge: try to products are not stale. As often as possible wash your plumbing, paying particular attention to those places where can settle fungus. Curtain & bath Mat — also at risk. And most importantly: be sure to use rubber gloves, and better yet, a protective flap for the nose and mouth.

3. Particular attention is paid to the washing. First, forget about the conventional washing powders. If someone in your family suffers from allergies, organic washing powder — “your all.” As often as possible to wash linens: recommended washing temperature — 90 degrees. Plus the obligatory extra rinse.

4. In the spring and summer, try to keep the apartment did not get pollen. Better not to open the Windows and not to make drafts, and to ventilate the house at night is recommended, pre-savesel window with a damp cloth or sheets. A perfect solution for Allergy sufferers will be the special appliances: humidifiers, air cleaners, air conditioners — there are models with special anti-allergenic filters.

5. In the presence of Allergy, especially in periods of exacerbation, a thorough cleaning should be performed once a week, and the little rituals of purity (processing kitchen surfaces and sanitary ware) — to become everyday.

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