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We loved penny brewer’s yeast

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which are the most prominent places. Here only not the fact that all the commercials really work. And the fact that in their price, the manufacturer always puts “brand value” — a fact.

Is it advantageous to be an informed shopper. To know the intricacies, life hacks, pay attention to the insider information, read reviews. And to not choose those products that are on the most convenient shelf and is strongly recommended by the sellers, and those that really work.

Brewer’s yeast is an excellent example of such a product. You will never see at the entrance to the store, a huge banner with their advertising. They will be on display in the window with a note: “best seller”. And if you don’t ask the seller to brewer’s yeast, it is unlikely you will be offered. Meanwhile, it is very simple, time-proven product with a clear structure and low price. And often he can solve your problem. Yeast 100% justify the epithet of “food miracle”: they are half composed of bioavailable protein and contain all the basic vitamins of group B.

This composition gives yeast a real superpower, but we will cite just three examples. Already they can begin to respect this cheap product.

1. Zaedy and cracks in the corners of the mouth

Usually cracks in the mucosa of the lips are due to hypovitaminosis, specifically due to the lack of vitamins of group B. the Motto of this group like the Musketeers, “one for all and all for one”: b vitamins, a group involved in the work, only when enter in the body all together.

Brewer’s yeast is good because it provides the supply of all essential b vitamins and Therefore result in the truest sense of the word is obvious. Good functioning of the skin, rapid the repair of tissues when skin damage is the effect of yeast. With them you will forget what dry skin, age spots and enlarged pores. A couple of months the bonus will get strong nails that don’t flake or break, and shiny hair.

We already knew that b vitamins important for the skin. However, the fact that their initial condition, brewer’s yeast, became open to us. For fun we looked into the composition of a couple of popular drugstore “beauty systems” and see for myself: in the heart of everyone — nothing like brewer’s yeast.

By the way. You just met women who effortlessly look 10-20 years younger than your actual age. A study on the causes of their “eternal youth” found all of these women have certain changes in genes that are responsible for density, barrier properties and restoring the skin. Today known substances which are able to change the “normal” genes so that they look to young mode. And first on the list is vitamin B3 or Niacinamide and brewer’s yeast — natural source.

2. Painful PMS

During a 6-month clinical studies it was experimentally established that symptoms of premenstrual syndrome significantly decreased in the group of women who took brewer’s yeast. Thanks to the same In-group, which has long been firmly entrenched image of vitamins neurological profile. Brewer’s yeast is like a balm for our nerves: they not only reduce the severity of the pain, but also cope well with chronic fatigue, sleepiness (the sleep quality is improved!), irritability, apathy, and unfocused attention.

Modern man with his mental and emotional stress of all the vitamins necessary in the first place b vitamins you can Get them from food. For this you need to eat more whole grain foods. And how do we eat? White bread is softer and sweeter taste than grain, and buy more often. White rice — a pure starch, it contains almost no minerals, but we prefer the coarse brown. A good pasta from durum wheat is simply more expensive than less quality. Here the choice is already dictated wallet. It turns out that the content of b vitamins in our food is so scarce that loses them each of us.

By the way. If you drink a lot of coffee, smoke or take birth control pills, brewer’s yeast can be drunk all the time. Caffeine, alcohol, nicotine and contraceptives contribute to intense erosion In a group from the body.

3. Low level of hemoglobin

The main task of the protein hemoglobin to deliver oxygen from the lungs to every cell of the body. When this process is disrupted, the person feels weak and tired. Brewer’s yeast is ideal for the correction and prevention of anemia. First of all, they are one of the richest sources of organic iron that is well absorbed and has beneficial effects on the blood. In addition, for the production of hemoglobin necessary vitamins B9 and B12. And again brewer’s yeast is a storehouse of both. By the way, for these reasons, yeast is held in high esteem by vegetarians, including a B12 deficiency — a widespread phenomenon. Take their example, if you recently had a disease or dieting. Yeast is the best friend a weak body.

By the way. Brewer’s yeast is not a medicine, and nutraceuticals. This means that make them possible and necessary as long as you want to stay healthy and beautiful.

And I’m better?!

Afraid of 9 out of 10 girls. Due to the popular expression “to grow by leaps and bounds”, which is actually not a beer, and for baking yeast — that they are just bad for your shape! If a woman has no endocrine disorders, weight gain is not conducive to yeast and the metabolism is influenced only positively. In the gut improves the absorption of nutrients, especially protein, which means that the body does not require extra portions of food. Therefore, yeast is sometimes even used in programs weight normalization, and certainly not to women in their “swollen”. Not to be unfounded, we present the calorie content of the product: one tablet of yeast contains only 2 calories.

How to choose yeast?

The main selection criterion is the smell. If purchased at a pharmacy jars I can smell the bread, it shows the content of impurities of cheaper Baker’s yeast, which not only bring health benefits but will also cause discomfort from the stomach and intestines.

Going to the pharmacy for yeast, you can safely stop the choice on brewer’s yeast “EKKO Plus”. The company specializiruetsya on producing for 16 years and knows all about them.

Brewer’s yeast “EKKO Plus” have a distinctive, slightly bitter flavor.

Daily intake (2 tablets) contains:

  • vitamin B1 — 2 mg of 142.8%* RSP**,
  • vitamin B2 is 1.8 mg — 112,5%* RSP,
  • vitamin B6 is 2.6 mg 130%* RSP,
  • folic acid (B9) — 390 mcg — 195%* RSP,
  • vitamin B12 is 2.6 mcg — 260%* the CPR.

* Do not exceed the tolerable upper intake level.** RSP — recommended daily intake.

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