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Ways of development of the triceps in the gym

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Build muscles of triceps you can use the exercise machines, dumbbells, barbells, weight your body. Important – you must have patience and do it correctly. Let’s talk about the training that will make the muscles of your triceps stronger.

Work on triceps

Exercises in the gym are using:

  • Rods.
  • Dumbbells.
  • Block simulators.
  • Using the weight of his body.

Training with a barbell

With the help of a shell performs the following activities:

  • Shell: rod with a curved fretboard. Exercise allows you to effectively gain muscle mass. Perform in sitting and standing position. If you have problem lower back, better to do it sitting down. During the workout works every part of the triceps. Will fit a standard barbell. To enhance the effect of the neck take a medium grip. Narrow putting a strain on the elbow part.

It is important to observe the correct technique!

It is difficult to set the elbows in different directions? Diminish weight.

  • Straighten arms lying down. This will help to make the muscles stronger. Worked the entire triceps, especially its top. But if the wrong implementation is easy to get injured. If you experience pain in the elbow, hold the shoulders at angles to the body.
  • Bench press narrow grip. Helps to pump the triceps. The exercise also involved the chest muscles.

Work with dumbbells

Using this shell you can do the following exercises:

  • Straighten hands. Suggest to choose a small weight. Considering all the triceps, but the largest load is placed on the upper part. Motion are smoothly, the amplitude of the total. The hands work independently from each other.
  • Extend hands across the body lying down. It is better to use light weight. Works the entire triceps, especially the upper part. Can do the hand in turn.
  • Abduction of the upper limbs behind his back with a dumbbell. Importantly, carefully watch the regulations of the shoulders for the starting position and use a small weight. One hand is moved and the second holding position. Be performed from both the upper limbs, especially people with a sore lower back. To reduce the load required to move the weight on his free hand.
  • Flattening of the head. Helps to gain the weight and to pump the triceps. If the lower back hurts it is better to do sitting. This isolation exercise is done with the use of the grip narrower. It is difficult to place the elbows on the sides? Diminish weight.
  • The extension of the hands from behind the head. Happening good work muscles and make them beautiful forms. Movements are performed with large amplitude. Dumbbells go up almost over his shoulders. The hands need to work independently from each other.

Workout on triceps with exercise equipment

Using modular simulators perform these exercises:

  • Unbend arms on the upper block. You can do any of the vultures that are attached to a cable machine. In order to load the external side of the triceps, perform straight using a narrow grip. If the pain appear, it is necessary to take a little bit more.
  • Unbend arms on the upper block using the rope. In this mode uses a lot of muscles-stabilizers, as controlled every movement. Can be at the bottom to dissolve hands in the parties, or to take them for himself, ago. So the lateral head of the triceps will receive the increased load.
  • The extension of the arms reverse grip. This exercise is one of the improved versions of the ordinary run. Helps to develop strength and to study the beautiful form of the triceps. Performed with one hand. Reverse grip helps to work the muscles of the forearm. Through practicing hands separately it is possible to evenly develop the muscles of each of them.
  • Extension of the upper extremities in grosolana simulator. Developing the strength and size of the triceps. The simulator makes it possible to keep loktina a special platform. This brand does not pose a risk to people with a bad back, because when you perform a taken stable position. Some simulators have a backrest that can be adjusted. So elbows will be in the right position.
  • Exercise in the simulator, as the variation of the dips. Replace your classes with their own weight. Allows you to gain muscle mass. You can change the width of the grip or the distance between bars. To increase the load on the triceps is better to choose a narrow grip.

Exercises with the weight of his body

Using its own weight to do push-UPS in different ways:

  • On the uneven bars. Worked out chest muscles and the muscles of the triceps. Can change the position of the limbs. If the arms are located to each other closer, the more powerful load is on the triceps, and if you continue – more is pumped the lower chest muscles. Feet slightly are pushed back.
  • Reverse. It is a universal exercise that increases strength and muscle mass. Can do it anywhere! The hands are put shoulder-width apart or slightly narrower. With a narrow setting of the upper extremities behind the back is a lot of work on the wrist and elbow.

Examples of trainings on the muscles of the triceps

You can use our training program to pump the triceps:

  • The lesson first. Do bench press 4×10 push-UPS 4 and back 20-25.
  • Lesson two. Unbend a hand stamped 3×12. Then the top block using a rope 3×12. Complete training, leads, hands with dumbbell 3х15.
  • Lesson the third. Unbend hand with dumbbell over head 3×12. After the diversion of the upper extremities over the head with the same projectile 3×20. Complete the extension of the hands 3х15.

It is important to follow correct technique to get a great result and not to cause harm.

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