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Water, leave: 7 main causes of fluid retention in the body

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but salt in its composition prevents the water balance in the body. Fast carbs raise blood sugar, in response to this the body produces insulin. But the excess insulin causes the kidneys to re-process salt, and the balance is disturbed even more. If it goes on constantly — see a doctor.

2. Certain days of the cycle

Water retention in many women happens in the middle of the cycle due to hormonal changes during ovulation. This is normal and does not require intervention. Experts advise to reduce salt intake and to drink vitamins with magnesium.

3. Hormonal contraception

One of the side effects of the pills can be water retention. During menstruation is getting better. It is recommended to take vitamin B6.

4. Pregnancy

During this period, likely edema, which also occur because of water retention. The pressure on the abdomen, slowing the flow of blood on the body of the mother. If swelling is not strong, can not worry.

5. Menopause

At this time, hormonal changes, and water retention may become more frequent. The main thing — not to worry if it does not prevent to live.

6. A long flight

The main reason is due to prolonged sitting in one position, and also due to changes in diet. Takes place after landing.

7. Problems with the thyroid

Hormonal imbalance can lead including to water retention in the body. It is better to consult a doctor.

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