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Washboard abs and wasp waist: myth or reality?

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Washboard abs and wasp waist: myth or reality?

In the understanding of the majority of inhabitants exactly six blocks in the area press is the benchmark of successful training in the gym. As for the experienced athletes and professional nutritionists, their opinion is very different.

Let’s start with the fact that washboard abs – it’s more a matter of genetic and physiological characteristics of each individual, not of fitness. That is with balanced nutrition, physical activity and recreation, you can achieve excellent results not only in the waist area. But the muscle definition is dependent on genetics. For example, there are several body types: ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph. The latter can train in the gym a lot more, but it does not have abs.

Further complications opens, if you look at the question of “cubes” from the standpoint of gender differences. Due to the physiological characteristics of the construction of the female body the relief blocks from the beautiful half is more deviation than an indicator of health, because a thin layer of grease can badly affect the possibility to “make” a baby.

Perfect washboard abs

For fans of a healthy way of life appearance, as a rule, is the result of training and not an end in itself. But for those who can’t live without “washing Board” instead of the stomach, can be recommended not to pay attention to myths and advertising.

First, it is impossible to build a press for 10 minutes. Secondly, there is no secret or super effective exercises for developing the abdominal muscles. This is especially need to know those who come to the gym to work on upper or lower part of it. During exercise, muscle is completely reduced and the entire length. The only difference is that the high intensity allows to use a larger number of fibers. Thirdly, there is no spot reduction of fat. And that means more than just want the perfect washboard abs – it is necessary to reduce the percentage of subcutaneous fat throughout the body.

How to make a wasp waist?

Cute girl, what do you do in the fitness classes, the result was not long in coming? First, determine your body type (basic – five: hourglass, oval, rectangle, inverted triangle and triangle). The fact is, in some embodiments, the physique has no pronounced waistline and therefore it is better to resort to a little trickery. With the help of healthy lifestyle and activities in the hall can affect the hips, what will visually give the effect of a thin waist. Also on weapons you can take one exercise from yoga. Using the so-called “vacuum” many bodybuilders of the past have made wasp waist and perfect proportions, now it’s your turn.

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