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Warm-up before fitness training: exercises for the back

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Warm-up before fitness training: exercises for the back
The contents

  • Warming up muscles through exercise
  • Strengthening the back: training for child
  • Fitness classes for girls
  • Stretching of the spine as prevention of diseases
  • Strength exercises for the back

Regular exercise is one of the most effective ways to maintain good health and prolong youthfulness of the body. An important role in proper function of the body is the spinal column of man, which provides him the opportunity to move. To prevent diseases of the spine, it is necessary to create around him a high level of support in the form of a strong muscular corset. This can be done through physical exercises aimed at the elaboration of muscles of the back.

Warming up muscles through exercise

If the fitness of the person pushing pain in the back from strong tension or monotonous sedentary work, the first thing it is recommended to visit a doctor who will make sure of no contraindications to exercise or you will choose the right therapy.

The back is big muscle group, they require careful relationship; before any workout for it is sure to perform exercise, preparing the body to the load. Warm-up exercises will improve blood flow to internal organs and muscle tissue, will make it more pliable and elastic the ligaments and tendons, to ease the implementation of sports items.

As a starter you can use the following motion:

  • Stand up straight, put hands on shoulders. They perform 10 rotations forward, then the same again back.
  • In standing position put hands on hips, feet set slightly wider than shoulders. Make tilt left while pulling over the head of right hand; then change direction.
  • Remaining in the same position, performing the rotation of the pelvis first left, then right.
  • Lift the right leg off the floor, rotate the feet first in one, then in the other direction. Perform 10 rotations, repeat the exercise with the second limb.
  • In a standing position raise one leg, bending it at a right angle at the knee. Draw the lower leg circles in the air, holding the leg on the weight. Then you change direction.
  • Jumping in one place for a minute, simulating exercise with a rope.

The duration of the workout in an average of 7-10 minutes; its main purpose is to increase the heart rate.

Strengthening the back: training for child

Smooth beautiful posture starts in early childhood, so it’s important to teach children to perform the necessary exercise to maintain a healthy spine. Conduct training in the format of fun games that the child feel comfortable and perform all movements with interest.

  • Stand up straight, hands put on the belt. Inhaling assign your elbows back, trying to touch the blades, then as you exhale take the starting position. Repeat 5 times.
  • Raise the arms sideways at the shoulders, spin them around 5 times forward, then another same ago.
  • Put palms on shoulders, lean forward, then back to the initial position.
  • Interlock your palms behind the castle, performed by 6 of the bends to each side.
  • To perform the following movements the child will need a small wooden stick for added weight. Pull it in straight arms, then bend your body forward, keeping the limbs parallel to the floor.
  • Lie on your back, alternately lift the legs perpendicular to the floor.
  • Turn over on your stomach, torn from the floor the upper part of the body, fix the position for a few seconds, then back on the floor.
  • Perform jumps, alternating with walking on the spot.
  • In a standing position raise your hands over head using hand, then on the exhale, lower back.

The child should not feel exhausted from studying, so each element is repeated up to 10 times.

Fitness classes for girls

Strengthening the muscles of the back gives the girls the opportunity to maintain an even posture and create a beautiful muscular relief, make the figure more visually appealing. A set of exercises may look like the following:

  • Stand up straight, hands lower along the trunk. Perform tilts to the side, then down 10 times. To increase load you can pick up a pair of dumbbells.
  • Kneel, bend their abdomen, hands held near shoulders. Pull up the right hand, simultaneously withdrawn back left. After completing the desired number of repetitions, change legs.
  • From a standing position on his knees, tilt the body forward while lowering the pelvis on your heels. Outstretched hands touch the floor, then return to the starting position, tensing the gluteal muscles.
  • From a standing position bend your torso forward, keeping your back in flat position. Hands with dumbbells are stretched down. Pull the dumbbells to your stomach (elbows extend behind the back line), then let him go.
  • For the following fitness item requires a chair up to face him, hands resting on the back, take a few steps back so that the body was in a diagonal position. From this position, lower your pelvis down as much as possible, rotting back, then return to the starting position.

The complex is recommended to include in General fitness program, work out the whole body. Harmonious and systematic working out of all muscles of the body ensure a reliable prevention of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, allowing to keep the easy movement even in adulthood.

Stretching of the spine as prevention of diseases

With a weak muscular corset of a vertebrae have a heavy load, and the distance between them gradually decreases, leading to entrapment and hernia. To reduce stress in the spinal column, it is recommended to systematically stretch. Such a prevention of diseases particularly relevant to people with sedentary sedentary work, forced to spend several hours in one position.

  • Lie on your stomach, palms resting on the floor in front of the chest. Stretch the shoulder Department as much as possible back, then return to the starting position. Repeat the movement 6-10 times.
  • Sitting on the floor without bending the knees try to touch their forehead, Kruglaya back.
  • Stand near the wall facing her, put my hands up, then transferred look at the palm of your hand. At this moment the person should feel the stretch each vertebra. Then rested his hands on the wall, pressed against her chin and chest, stretching the spine. For the selection of a comfortable posture you can take a step back. Selecting a suitable position, turn your head from side to side, cheeks touching the wall surface.
  • Pressed the right side and hand to the wall, the limb pulls back. Gently turning his whole body, trying to expand it back to the hand through the other side. Then alternate sides throughout the exercise.
  • Hang on the bar and hold the position for as long as possible, feeling the stretch of the spine.
  • Sit on the floor, put your head between your knees, put them under the hands, put palms on the head, stretch the shoulder blades to the ceiling.

In addition to the proposed exercises, the prevention of back pain includes such elements as pull-UPS on the bar, bent leg raises and bending of the spine.

In addition to pain in the muscles, a common disease of the back is scoliosis. It requires a doctor’s advice and fitness activities under the guidance of an experienced instructor. In the prevention will fit the following:

  • From a standing position, perform tilt back and forth, trying to move with maximum amplitude.
  • Swimming in the pool safely and gently strengthens the muscles of the back, almost completely removing the load from the spine.
  • In the standing position is raised over the head hands chained to the castle. Slowly lean to the side 10 times.
  • Get up on all fours, doing the exercise “Cat”.

To prevent the development of scoliosis, it is recommended to strengthen your back with the help of various variants of training.

Strength exercises for the back

The most quality work out of muscles, provide your back exercises to be performed with additional weights. Sports equipment can be any, dumbbells, fitball, rod.

  • Lie on stomach, hands with dumbbells forward. Having his hands behind his back, at the same time slightly raise legs.
  • From a standing position, tilt the body forward, big arms with dumbbells in hand, then falls back.
  • Rest your hand and knee to the bench, building tips. Tighten the second hand the dumbbell to the belt, then lowered.
  • Stand up straight, hands with dumbbells are lowered along the body. Lift the shoulders up, then lower back. The body remains motionless, only work the shoulders.
  • Lie on his stomach on fitball, body weight, foot hit the wall. Tilt the body down, then back up.
  • Exercises you can perform with a barbell, but beginners are not advised to take large weight — during the first few sessions will be enough empty neck. Stand in front of the bar, slightly bending your knees. Taken by the neck, raising it to his stomach, then slowly lowered.
  • Place the neck on the shoulders, holding it with his hands. Tilt the body forward, keeping the spine in a straight position.

When performing exercises for the back using big weight it is necessary to observe the correct technique, trying to avoid mistakes. Improper execution can lead to back injury, therefore, each element initially worked with a small weight.

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