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Warm-up before fitness training: best exercises

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Warm-up before fitness training: best exercises
The contents

  • Use warm-up before the gym
  • A set of simple warm up exercises
  • Rules of conducting warm-up before fitness training

Workout is an important part of any training. Its main task is preparing the body for subsequent loads. Warm-up exercises are easy and are intended increased heart rate and increased blood flow to muscle tissues.

Use warm-up before the gym

Use warm-UPS held prior to the fitness workout is the solution of the following tasks:

  • reducing stress on muscles and other body systems.

Thanks to the warm-up the body gradually enters a training mode and all the processes it is gradually accelerated;

  • reducing the risk of injury.

When you exercise without the benefit of a warm-up to actively work only the top layers of muscle tissue, therefore increases the probability of obtaining different strains. Workout also helps to maximize the amount of muscle and prevents injury;

  • improving the functionality of joints.

Warm-up, in addition to enhance blood circulation, stimulates the production of synovial fluid that reduces friction in the joints and thereby increasing their mobility and functionality during the fitness exercise;

  • improving the effectiveness of the training.

Warmed up muscles and ligaments to actively respond to the exerted load on them, so the effectiveness of the exercises increases several times.

A set of simple warm up exercises

In the warm-up performed before a power exercise fitness may include the following a simple training movement:

  • The head tilts forward, backward and sideways.

Standing straight, slowly tilt your head 2-3 times forward, backward and to each side, stretching the cervical vertebrae and warming up the muscles of the neck. If you are performing this exercise, the observed cracking in the neck, then you need to tilt your head up until it stops.

  • Rotation of the head.

Holding my head exactly in the initial position, you need to carry 5-6 spins in each direction, stretching the neck muscles.

  • Srage without causing rotation of the clavicle.

Standing straight, hold high the shoulders and in the upper position to guide them forward. Lower the shoulders and repeat the exercise by lifting them and rotating the clavicle backward. All you need to perform up to 20 sragow in order to stretch the muscles of the trapezoid.

  • The rotation of the shoulders.

Stand up straight and perform 5-10 spins the shoulders back and forth to stimulate blood flow to the deltas and trapezoid. If you encounter pohrustyvaniâ exercise should be repeated until then, until it stops.

  • The rotation of the elbows.

Standing straight, raise the arms to shoulder level. Holding the shoulders in a stable position, perform 5-10 quick spins and elbows in every direction. This exercise warms up the muscles of the shoulders and forearms.

  • The rotation of the brushes.

Being in any comfortable position, set the hands ahead and run 10 spins tassels clockwise and the same in the opposite direction. This is a training movement it loosens up the muscles of the forearms and strengthens the wrists, which is extremely important when doing strength fitness activities.

  • Of torso.

Standing straight, place feet hip-width apart and tilt your body to the side, stretching the muscles of the abdomen and flanks. Lean should be as low as possible without bending at the knees. This item workout fitness exercise should be repeated 5-10 times in each direction.

  • “Mill” or swings of the upper limbs in the slope.

Stand up straight, tilt your body forward, keeping your back straight. Extend hands in the parties and perform their swings, trying to get the fingers of the sock opposite leg. This exercise helps to prepare the muscles and bark to stress and improves body flexibility.

  • The slopes of the body.

Standing straight, clench along the upper limb, clasping his hands to the opposite elbows. Bend over as low as possible, trying to get elbows to the floor and without bending legs at the knees. Reaching in this exercise, the lowest point of the slope, you should do a few springy movements with his hands. Repeat this element of the workout 5-7 times, flexing and stretching so the muscles of the waist and bark.

  • The rotation of the pelvis.

Standing with a straight back and placed on the width of the pelvis with the legs, you want to run for 8 rotational movement of the pelvis in every direction, fixing the housing in a fixed position. This exercise workout is working the hip joints.

  • Mahi lower limbs.

Stand up straight, put the hands on the waist or stretch your hands into the prop. Sharp movement to withdraw the lower extremity in the first direction and then back. Repeat the exercise 10-12 times one foot and perform the same motion of the other lower extremity. This element of the warm-up develops the hip joints and warms up the biceps of the thighs.

  • The rotation of the knees.

Standing straight and holding onto something for support, raise the lower limb and slightly bend it in the knee joint. Later in the exercise you need to perform the rotational movement with the knee first in one direction and then in reverse. To repeat the work, rotating the same way the other knee and stretching the quads and calves.

  • The rotation of the ankle.

Holding the foot on weight as the previous element of the warm-up, perform the rotary motion of the foot, developing the ankle. Repeat the exercise 10 times on each leg.

After this warm-up, guests can proceed to the main part of the workout. In this case, before each training movement to do a practice approach without weights.

If fitness classes are aerobic in nature, after the above warm-up complex should proceed to the main activity, starting to work at a moderate pace and gradually increase speed. For example, when Jogging, you need the first 2-3 minutes of running at a comfortable pace and at 4-5 minute to increase speed.

Rules of conducting warm-up before fitness training

Fitness training will be much more effective and safer if you warm up, observe the following important rules:

  • during the warm-up to begin working the muscles and joints should be of the head and gradually lowered down;
  • to pay attention to all major muscle groups, the duration of the warm-up should be 10-15 minutes;
  • the pace and intensity of the workout should not cause premature fatigue;
  • the muscles to be active during fitness classes, you need to warm up carefully.

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