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Warm-up before exercise: benefits and complex warm-up exercises

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Warm-up before exercise: benefits and complex warm-up exercises
The contents

  • Use warm-UPS held prior to the fitness workout
  • The consequences of ignoring warm-up before exercise / fitness
  • A set of exercises of warm-up and a plan to meet them

Beginners in fitness very often neglect the warming up and thus making a mistake, which depends on not only performance, but also human health. No wonder people who are experienced in the sport, saying that it is better to perform warm-up without training than to do the exercises without first warming up the muscle and connective tissue and prepare the heart and lungs to work in high-intensity mode.

Use warm-UPS held prior to the fitness workout

Conducting warm-up before each fitness exercise, you can derive even more benefits from training and to achieve the following positive results:

  • enhance blood flow to muscle tissues and thus make them more elastic, which in turn will minimize the risk of injury during fitness classes;
  • to optimize the performance of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, allowing them to gradually adapt to the loads. Moreover this useful property of the warm-up helps to prevent the risk of developing many diseases of the circulatory system and respiratory system;
  • to increase the productivity of power fitness workouts due to the fact that the warm muscles stretch more intense and reduced;
  • enrich muscle tissue with oxygen and to provide them with plenty of nutrients. In such conditions the muscles will be actively strengthened and developed after performing strength exercises;
  • to increase the rate of metabolism, stimulate the production of adrenaline and thereby increase the performance of the work;
  • to prepare all the systems and organs to stress and reduce the negative effects of stress experienced by a body during high-intensity fitness classes.

The consequences of ignoring warm-up before exercise / fitness

The complete disregard for the warm-up or her poor performance in most cases leads to negative consequences:

  • bad feeling during fitness training (dizziness, shortness of breath, tremor, pressure surges). Unpleasant symptoms and discomfort arise when the system is not ready for a heavy load, so in their work fails;
  • sprain. For regeneration of the connective tissue necessary to make a break in the training process, which affects the results of fitness;
  • joint injuries, even after healing are felt over a long period of time, not allowing the person to engage in some type of physical activity and perform certain exercises.

A set of exercises of warm-up and a plan to meet them

The average length of the warm-up is approximately 10-15 minutes, during which you need to work on this plan:

  • Exercise with aerobic workload, or carrying out a light cardio for 2 minutes. Such physical activity accelerates blood flow, increases body temperature and stimulates the production of synovial fluid.
  • Study of joints to improve their mobility and functionality with a duration of 1-2 minutes.
  • Stretching the muscles and connective tissues within 2-3 minutes.
  • Final warm up cardio moderate intensity.
  • Restoring breathing for a few seconds.
  • According to the minutes of the warm up before doing fitness in her first block may include the following locomotor activity, contributing to an increase in heart rate:

  • Jogging or easy running on the spot.
  • Walking in place acceleration.
  • Steps with high lifting hips.
  • Walking with the breeding and raising of hands up.
  • In the second phase of the warm-up for qualitative examination of the joints, you must perform a set of exercises, joint exercises, repeating each element at least 10 times:

  • Alternate head rotation in both directions.
  • The head tilts in different directions. In this exercise, should not tip the head back so as not to damage the cervical vertebrae.
  • Lifts shoulders and fulfillment of rotational movements forward and backward.
  • The rotation of the elbow and wrist joints.
  • The turns and bends of the hull.
  • Rotation of the pelvis, as well as performing movements in which the hips describe an inverted eight.
  • Study of the knee’s rotational movements.
  • The circular movements of the feet, rises on the toes, rolling from toe to heel and back, walking on the outer and inner surface of the foot.
  • In the power workout, which is reserved for stretching, you need to perform a number of exercises, repeating each movement 20 times:

  • Lift the arms up, where you need to stretch the entire body followed by the upper limbs.
  • Breeding of the shoulders to the sides while turning the case.
  • Lead hands chained to the castle brushes forward and back.
  • Side tilts to the side with the removal of the upper limb in the direction of movement of the body.
  • Exercise “Mill” or tilt forward with alternate turns of the casing, and a touch of the hand opposite of the foot.
  • Deep lunges forward and to the side, in which neospora leg should remain straight.
  • The final stage of the warm-up, which should be about 2-3 minutes, may include cardio. Experienced trainers recommend to perform the following exercises, repeating every movement for 30-40 seconds:

  • Running in place with high speed.
  • Jumping rope.
  • The exercise “Jumping Jack”, involving the breeding of the upper and lower extremities to the side during a jump and run cotton over his head.
  • Running in place with high rise thigh or buttocks touch heels.
  • After the warm-up need to proceed to the main part of a fitness workout, not immediately, but after 30-60 seconds, so that the body had the opportunity to dig a little power. During this period you should restore breathing by performing, for example, walk in place lifting hands through the sides up. Stepping, take a deep breath and exhale.

    If workout is your pre-workout strength exercises, then it is desirable to include a warm-up approaches. They suggest the implementation of most elements of a fitness program without weights or with a minimum operating weight.

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