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War bacteria: should you take probiotics if you drink antibiotics?

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why not supply them with a number of other drugs? But the problem is actually much deeper than it seems.

There is some evidence that probiotics can prevent stomach upset — diarrhea. But of the 13 people who participated in the experience, it helped only one. In addition, probiotics are not so easy!

For and against

Recently, Israel has carried out an interesting study. Participants were divided into two groups and gave them the antibiotic. The first took probiotics from 11 colonies of bacteria for 4 weeks, the second — a placebo.

The results showed that in the first group of drugs to have an effect, and the colonies of bacteria populated the gut. But they prevent the normal recovery of the flora, which had problems during the six months of observations.

In the second group, the flora returned to normal three weeks after receiving a course of antibiotics.

The study revealed a curious fact: we still don’t know what bacteria do the most good, what is healthy intestinal flora. There are thousands (!) different types of microorganisms, and each human has an individual set. Therefore, there is no uniform list of beneficial bacteria that would be all.

Accordingly, guess what everyone needs is impossible.

Is there an alternative?

Yes, even if it sounds pretty weird, but this scheme is becoming increasingly popular and its effectiveness is proven. Several participants agreed to freeze his chair before the start of antibiotics, and then it was hoisted back into the intestine. Fecal transplantation has allowed the return of the microflora to normal in 8 days instead of 21.

Another option is to feed the beneficial bacteria dietary fiber. These components are intact in the small intestine and get into fat, where they are subjected to fermentation. So eat more vegetables, fruits and whole grains, then bacteria will quickly return to its normal condition.

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