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Want want are 5 types of fitness

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Want want are 5 types of fitness
The contents

  • Without Shoe covers do not go on the slide aerobics
  • Fitness workout on the BOSU platform
  • Aquacycling: where and how to perform the exercises?
  • Zoophites: what is special about this exercise?
  • Fitness Kangoo jumps

About the benefits of physical activity know all, the only trouble is that not all fit the standard program that offers the most modern fitness centers. Some classes at the gym contraindicated for health reasons, and some just ashamed of my body and cannot bring myself to visit the pool or water aerobics. However, with each passing day, wanting to play sports there is an increasing opportunity for choice and this can not but rejoice. The workouts for today are the most unusual?

Without Shoe covers do not go on the slide aerobics

Slide in English the word “glide”, and that this program provides for the slide and provides his special rug made from synthetic material with a lacquer slightly reflective surface. If you were always fascinated with lightning fast and precise movements of skiers, skaters, and skaters, welcome to the slide aerobics. To enhance the sliding effect using special socks, with something resembling a normal Shoe. The duration of the exercise for beginners does not exceed 30 minutes, but this is enough to leave the room on shaky legs.

When doing this kind of fitness the emphasis is on pumping the external and internal surface of thigh, gluteal muscles and the press, but their usefulness does not end there. This cardio exercise strengthens the cardiovascular system, helps to lose weight, develop coordination of movements. Some believe exercises on slippery surfaces too traumatic, but in fact to any injury in the classroom slide aerobics is quite problematic. Special barriers at the edges of the canvas and restrict the movement of the athlete, but most importantly to listen carefully to the coach and repeat all the movements for him.

Fitness workout on the BOSU platform

If the usual exercise ball, you will not inspire or have you been eyeing this kind of fitness, but it can not be resolved, you better try to master the exercises on the BOSU platform. Its name again comes from the English Both Sides Up, which translates as “use both sides”. Imagine that an ordinary exercise ball cut in half and installed the resulting hemisphere on a hard plastic base. Here is the shell with the diameter of 65 cm and a height of about 30 cm and used in the training data. And when doing cycles as a hard support and soft semicircular.

In the first case, aerobics is aimed at developing balance and coordination, and the second is to create aerobic and strength exercise. Exercises on the Bosu platform can vary from almost any fitness program, starting with the ending Pilates and step aerobics. These classes will be appreciated as people, but are attached to a healthy lifestyle, and those who have already achieved some victories and heights in this direction. Lovers of action sports — snowboarding, surfing, skiing, Windsurfing, they will help in the development of many skills, and the ability to stay on the Board.

Aquacycling: where and how to perform the exercises?

If you can’t decide on what to opt — into Cycling or swimming, you can combine the two, and will give you the opportunity aquacycling. Group classes on exercise bikes have long been popular worldwide, but the idea is to put them in the pool with the water still gaining momentum. Meanwhile, the first attempts to pedal in water was taken in the 50-ies of the last century in Italy, but the real furor aquacycling made in Germany 5 years ago, when there are special bicycles for training in the water.

It is no secret that physical activity in water is much more load in the air, because the muscles have to overcome the resistance of the liquid, but it also significantly relieves the spine and joints, so these classes have virtually no contraindications and are suitable for individuals with obesity, and the elderly. The equipment gives the possibility to adjust the load by changing the resistance, and therefore can, at its discretion, to increase the effectiveness of the training.

Zoophites: what is special about this exercise?

If someone saw that as an opportunity to bring to the gym favorite toy Terrier or hamster, then hasten to disappoint you — this workout is not for Pets. This unusual program is based on exercises that mimic the movements of animals in the wild. So, you can feel like a real Panther, stood before a jump or a caterpillar, eager to get to the very tender and tasty leaf. Each movement has its own task and its own group of muscles to work out. If, during the frog jumps pumped muscles of the thighs, legs and buttocks, when performing movements simulating the movement of a caterpillar, you will feel a strong tension of the back muscles and the press.

If at first glance, this fitness may seem very funny and ineffective, then after the first class you will understand how wrong. In fact, it combines strength cardio training when endurance exercise alternate exercises for recovery, and after again forcing the heart to beat at a rapid pace, and with it, to spend calories and to burn energy.

Fitness Kangoo jumps

A child jumping on the bed was your favorite pastime? There is a possibility to return to the happiest time and master training, the main feature of which is the fact that it is held in shoes on springs. This type of fitness appeared the second name — “jumping kangaroo”. If someone thinks that such physical activity is too small to bring visible results, it is very far from the truth. Indeed, it is difficult to imagine that the usual jumping pumped all muscle groups, but it’s true. After the first session, this confirms pain even where no discomfort is felt after the usual training in the gym. That is, considering not only the main but also the auxiliary muscles that are often “asleep” in a typical load.

Kangoo jumps generates the correct posture, improves coordination, accelerates fat burning, improves cardiovascular and respiratory systems. Will not do such aerobics only people suffering from obesity, and as for the elderly, all will depend on their physical fitness and overall health. With regard to the risk of injury, it is easy to reduce to zero, if you follow all recommendations and requirements of the coach.

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