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Wall: the purpose and exercise it

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Wall: the purpose and exercise it

The contents

  • The purpose of the shell
  • Rules for the selection of projectile
  • Recommendations for fitness training
  • Stretching at the wall
  • A set of exercises on the wall bars

Swedish wall is a versatile sports equipment that is used for training in professional and school gyms, the home, and also for exercise therapy in rehabilitation clinics. Many parents buy this gymnastics complex for the physical development and entertainment of children, not knowing that it is possible to carry out fitness workouts that focus on stretching and working all muscle groups. To build muscle with the help of the wall will fail, but to improve health and maintain body in shape — quite possibly.

The purpose of the shell

The Swedish side was designed by the son of a doctor Pen Henrik Ling, and was originally intended for doing exercises aimed at improving the physical fitness of people. Today the gymnastics complex is used to strengthen the health development of all muscle groups of preschool, school and adolescent ages as well as adults.

Use fitness workouts on the wall bars:

  • strengthening the immune system, the muscular system;
  • prevention and treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal and vestibular apparatus;
  • treatment of bronchial asthma, bronchitis and gastritis;
  • stretching the muscles and spine;
  • therapy of osteoarthritis, eliminate curvature of the spine;
  • the development of flexibility, strength;
  • better coordination;
  • weight loss.

Rules for the selection of projectile

Picking up the Swedish wall, you need to define the objectives of its use and to measure the dimensions of the room where it will be. What you should pay attention:

  • Size.

The main parameter on which to focus — the height of the projectile, since it will be mounted to the floor and the ceiling. Today there are many walls of different sizes and modifications (I-, T-, G – and U-shaped), so you can choose the product for the size of your room.

  • Material.

There are shells of wood and metal. Last — longer lasting and durable. They should give preference, if the fitness training will be conducted in adults. If the same exercises will be performed by children, should pay attention to the wooden construction. They are not cold and not slippery, unlike metal. In addition, children them to do more interesting, because wooden walls are produced in different colors. However, the thickness of the beams and walls in the children’s models are smaller, so adults fail to attach to them the bench press, and barbell stops.

  • Equipment.

To perform a large variety of exercises is better to choose a projectile with a maximum range of additional elements: horizontal bar, gymnastic rings, rope, rope ladders, etc.

Recommendations for fitness training

Despite the fact that the Swedish wall — a very simple shell, and exercises to practice on it have virtually no contraindications, conduct trainings on the gymnastics complex to be based on the following guidelines:

  • Don’t exercise without prior warm-up. Simple movements (trunk bending, arm swing, feet) and articular exercises will help to prepare muscles and joints to stress.
  • Do not write on the wall of the complex elements during the first trainings. If physical training leaves much to be desired, first you need to learn to at least hang on the bar for several minutes.
  • Before performing any exercise on the wall, try to make it out of the complex, and then repeat on the projectile.
  • Do not engage on the wall with deteriorating health.
  • Carry out exercise regularly, but not every day and not exhausted.
  • Stretch the muscles that you worked after each workout.
  • Stretching at the wall

    Stretching helps to make the body more flexible, plastic, improve the metabolism and reduce the delayed onset muscle soreness after strength training. Exercises for stretching can be performed after the main workout or as a standalone training program. The duration of stretching depends on the purpose of its implementation and can range from 10 to 30 minutes. Simple stretching elements:

  • To take on the top bar or handles for push-UPS, hang, stretching the spine and relaxing the body. The length of element 30-40 seconds.
  • To come as close to the projectile, to take the shot at waist level and take the pelvis back. To perform the item 5-6 times, lingering at the peak for 10 seconds.
  • To get up to the wall with the right side to take with one hand on the bar at waist level, the second above his head. Take the pelvis to the left, to stay on for 10 seconds. Repeat on the other side.
  • To face the shell, lift your right leg and put on the bar so that she was laying on her heel and parallel to the floor. Tilt your body forward, reaching for his raised leg with your hands. Repeat the exercise by lifting the other leg.
  • A set of exercises on the wall bars

    Exercises on the Swedish side need to do 10-15 times (initially), gradually bringing the load up to 30 reps. Number of sets — 2-3. Rest between sets should be 1-2 minutes.

    Range of sports items for your class in the shell:

  • To hang on the wall, holding the top rail. Raise your straight (parallel to the floor) or bent at the knees (pulling them to the chest) legs, and then lower down.
  • While in the starting position of the previous exercise, raise bent legs, pull knees alternately to the right and left shoulder.
  • While in the starting position of the previous element, raise parallel to the floor straight legs. Breed them in hand, then to settle and breed.
  • To face the shell, put both feet on the 2nd level, to take over the bar at chest level. Crouch, averting the pelvis back.
  • While in the starting position of the previous element, to take the left leg back. Right heel to drop below the crossbar and crank it back up to parallel with the floor. Repeat on the other leg.
  • Hang on the bar, holding it straight classic grip. To perform pull-UPS. Over time, it is recommended to complicate the element, placing the brush already wider than shoulders.
  • To stand up against the wall with your back, take the emphasis lying down, put your foot on the 2nd rung. To perform classic pushups. As addiction of the muscles to the load to complicate the exercise, lifting the foot on the bar above.
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