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Walking: what clothes to choose for the classes?

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Walking: what clothes to choose for the classes?
The contents

  • Walking as a sport: a couple of benefits
  • Exercise with pleasure: how to choose clothes
  • Walking for health: special clothes for training
  • Walking: how to choose shoes for training

Walking is a great way of maintaining good physical shape, which in the proper execution of all elements for its effectiveness is not inferior to the run. The walk is suitable for both General health improvement and training at professional level to participate in competitions, and to normalize weight and strengthen the muscular frame. Walking from ordinary walking is slightly different and has a number of advantages. To sessions were the most useful and enjoyable, you will need to buy the right clothes for such Hiking training walking.

Walking as a sport: a couple of benefits

Do not think that only athletes involved walking, because it is a very useful type of load. Has long been known that if you walk just half an hour on the race length of 5 km daily, it is possible to extend its life for 3 years. Proper and regular walking can be of great benefit to the human body. It will help:

  • to normalize the heart significantly improves the function of the myocardium and improves contractility;
  • to normalize the digestive tract, improvement will manifest itself in the form of increased motility and a better absorption of nutrients into the blood;
  • to train the muscles of the legs, shoulders, hips, arms and back;
  • to increase stress resistance, tempering the nervous system, improve mood.

During walking burns calories, so daily walks with duration of 45-90 minutes help to maintain the harmony of the body, train the muscles and keep in the normal range your metabolism. Due walk the blood more oxygenated.

Walking is among the safest types of physical exercise. The main advantage of Jogging, which is loved by many, is the lack of blows of the foot on the ground, less load on knee joints and lower movement speed.

Exercise with pleasure: how to choose clothes

Quality training beneficial and fun training is done in comfortable clothes. What should it be? Clothing for Nordic walking should not be close, chilling and limiting movement. Uncomfortable rubbing, impractical and just annoying clothes — not the best option. Obsession with your appearance will not concentrate on the correct execution of physical exercises.

The basic functions that need to perform training clothing:

  • Warm in cold season, do not contribute to overheating during summer training;
  • Not to disrupt the thermoregulation process, well ventilated and dry quickly;
  • To prevent injuries, to mitigate the impact of accidental drops.
  • In addition sports clothing for workouts, whether it’s classes outdoors or in the gym, must be resistant to frequent washings.

    Walking for health: special clothes for training

    Of course, the best option of equipment for walking is a special kit that can be purchased at almost any sporting goods store. So, what kind of clothes? First of all, you need a tight, but not compressing the abdomen and legs or Capri leggings, made of an elastic material. These pants will gently massage your muscles and help you to go a greater distance without any negative consequences for the organism.

    In addition you will need a t-shirt, tank top or functional. As a rule, they are made from cotton, polyester elastane — this composition allows the product to stretch to, but not to lose shape. Some models even sport clothes can be purchased to grow into. Excellent elasticity sports t-shirt fabric, which include spandex, allows easy to bend, raise your arms and exercise and to take a variety of poses.

    As for the color scheme, tracksuits for the walk can be very diverse. The most popular colours are blue, grey melange, black, Burgundy. The finishes most often performed in white color and in various “acid” shades.

    In addition to a shirt and pants will need gloves that will help protect your hands from accidental drops or while performing any additional physical exercise, such as push-UPS, pull-UPS or stand in the bar. Also need a headband. It will help to keep the hair and increase the level of convenience and comfort during the execution of the walk and exercises.

    If you do not have a special form for training in the gym or playing on the street, do not worry. For starters, it is possible to use for training normal sport suit, cotton shirt and comfortable sneakers.

    Walking: how to choose shoes for training

    To the choice of shoes also must be approached very responsibly. It is best to select quality sneakers that are securely fixed on the foot and good damping during walking. Trainers for fitness walking needs to have sufficient flexibility and to have a special orthopedic items in your device. These include a thick dense sole, a high edge and a high rigid heel is designed to reliably fix an ankle problem. If you choose shoes with too thin sole, then while walking you will feel every pebble under their feet, and by the end of the race legs just start to hurt.

    Insoles in shoes should be good to absorb moisture. You need to ensure that they can be easily removed to be dried. Important point — quality laces or Velcro. Sports shoes can not spontaneously be untied or released, otherwise the exercise will be uncomfortable and unsafe.

    Well-chosen high quality sneakers will give a feeling of lightness and will not cause discomfort, but the wrong choice can lead to back pain and calluses.

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