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Walking: technology and physical activity

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Walking: technology and physical activity
The contents

  • Types and benefits of such physical activity
  • The rules of the fitness classes on the basis of walking
  • Useful tips for conducting fitness workouts

Walking is a track and field aerobic physical activity that develops cardiovascular and respiratory system, strengthens core muscle groups, promotes weight loss, helps to maintain good physical shape and keep healthy. The technique of Nordic walking differs from regular walking and running speed of motion and step length, but the main difference is the lack of so-called “period of flight”. In other words, during a fitness workout based on walking one foot is always on the surface of the earth.

Types and benefits of such physical activity

Walking has several subcategories. The intensity of physical exercise each of them different:

  • Ordinary walking.

During which is very important not only to observe the execution steps, but also the right to work upper limbs. Arms during fitness classes on the basis of such a walk should be bent, almost pressed to the body and only move forward and backward almost simultaneously with the lower limbs. Speed is 7 to 8 km/h.

  • Quick walking.

This kind of aerobic physical activity involves the development speed of 12-14 km/h without switching into a run. To reach such a speed can only very well trained athletes, because this subcategory of walking makes no sense to use the fitness training for beginners who want to get rid of extra pounds and improve health.

  • Nordic walking.

Invented at the end of the last century skiers from Finland to maintain good physical shape in the off-season. This kind of physical exertion involves the use of walking poles, similar to ski, but with a blunt rubber tips. This technique allows you to use up to 90% of the muscles and spend a large amount of energy, so people who want to form a slim trim figure, you should definitely pay attention to this kind of walk.

The benefits of fitness on the basis of the usual sports or Nordic walking can be attributed to the following features of this type of physical activity:

  • fairly high speed of movement;
  • committing a minute to 200 steps;
  • a large step length (100 cm);
  • the constant movement of the pelvis around the vertical formed by the human body;
  • bending the supporting lower extremity only during its transfer through the vertical axis;
  • the provision of intensive physical load on the muscles of the upper part of the body.

The rules of the fitness classes on the basis of walking

Fitness training on the basis of walking have their own rules that must be strictly followed to be effective and safe:

  • the foot contact with the ground must be continuous. This condition is easily achievable, if you make a step and move the body weight to the moment when the other foot comes off the ground;
  • lower limb in front, doesn’t bend until the other leg crosses the vertical axis;
  • all movements during walking should be energetic and rhythmic;
  • the upper limb should be kept bent at the elbow joints and move in a horizontal plane back and forth.

In addition to the above basic rules, during fitness activities, including sports walking it is necessary to comply with such recommendations:

  • before you do walk, you need to consult with a doctor and make sure that such physical exertion has no serious contraindications, such as heart defects and heart failure, asthma and other diseases of the respiratory system;
  • to start fitness training with a warm-up by performing during the elements of joint exercises and a number of simple, but effectively accelerate blood circulation exercises. To complete the exercise is gently, gradually reducing speed and restoring respiratory and cardiac rhythms. After a full stop, you can optionally perform several exercises to stretch muscles. Stretching helps relax the muscles and activates the regenerative processes in muscle tissues;
  • while walking extremely important to breathe properly that the body supported by a high concentration of oxygen. The breathing should be deep and slow, and the rhythm should match the pace of the steps. Breath need to complete the nose and exhale through your mouth, while the breath should be shorter than the exhalation. The mouth breathing, especially during high-intensity fitness training is a gross error and disempowering and reduces work efficiency;;
  • the body should be in straight vertical position, and back needs exactly;
  • during the fitness classes you should avoid movements in which both feet come off the surface of the earth, otherwise it will not be a walk and a run. To increase speed while walking, you need more intense work with your hands and rock the pelvis with greater amplitude;
  • to complicate exercise should gradually. To do this every 1-2 weeks increase your distance or walking speed. Additionally load the muscles, putting on a special ankle cuff-weights or holding hands while walking small dumbbells.

Useful tips for conducting fitness workouts

To the physical strain exerted on the body during walking, was not only a productive, safe and as comfortable as possible, beginners need to take into account the following useful tips:

  • do you want special shoes, the attenuation level which is designed for the neutralization of the intense impact of physical load on the foot;
  • uniforms must repeat the contours of the body, to allow air, to absorb and sweat output, as well as appropriate weather conditions;
  • to prevent dehydration of the body can be drunk before a fitness workout glass of water and making small throat during a walk immediately after the occurrence of thirst.

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