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Walking shoes, fitness and yoga

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Walking shoes, fitness and yoga
The contents

  • The health of the spine — ease of movement
  • To walking and running was comfortable
    • The history of the development
    • Running shoes
    • Sneakers
    • Espadrilles
  • Footwear for recreation and fitness
    • Evolution of popularity

Walking — the most common form of physical activity. It involved all people without exception (even those who don’t exercise). Therefore, it is clear how each of us an important comfortable shoes in which the feet easily, and they almost never get tired. Today we will talk about sneakers and shoes, and how to choose them.

The health of the spine — ease of movement

The importance of comfortable shoes people understood since ancient times. For example, the Roman soldiers because of the hot climate wore leather sandals. They were tall and tightly laced and fixed the foot and ankle.

Well, the first shoes babies to this day are the shoes with a tight fit.

This is justified physiologically. Any doctor will tell you that it’s important the condition of the spine and articular apparatus. The spine and joints are our support when walking, they allow us to carry the load to move freely, to change body position, etc.

To spine preserved health, very important comfortable shoes. It eases the load on the spine and joints and prevents fatigue. It is especially important to fix the foot and ankle to avoid sprains and fractures when walking. Also, doctors recommend to wear orthotics. They cushion the load and give the foot a rest.

This is especially important for people living an active, busy life, and for those who are involved in sports and fitness. Now more and more people who understand the importance of right living for which health is one of the highest values.

To walking and running was comfortable

The history of the development

At the end of the eighteenth century an attempt was made to create comfortable shoes. To achieve this, began to make canvas shoes with rubber sole. But they were rough, primitive appearance, besides, were the same for left and right foot.

At the end of XIX century there were shoes studded sole. Then America invented the shoes on the rubber with fabric top. It was called sneakers (keds). After a couple of decades they began to produce in droves.

After the First world war, Germany established a small factory producing shoes for athletes involved in running (then she developed into a world famous German brand, still popular).

After some time, different companies began to create shoes for each sport. For example, so there were shoes for tennis.

By the mid-twentieth century America had been a demographic surge. For a large number of young people took a lot of new products — not only for sports but also for casual walking. Sneakers were lightweight, comfortable and practical shoes. Besides, compared to leather shoes and boots they were cheap enough. Therefore, their popularity quickly grew.

Running shoes

The lightest running shoes are designed for Jogging. They have rigid and flexible heel toe. There are two types:

  • for everyday running (called “slug”), buy them the most
  • to race (called “terravici”), they are designed for the serious sport and competition.

Experienced athletes suggest for a long run on a flat surface to buy the lighter model. But for a marathon or running on rough terrain (hills, hills etc.) it is necessary to choose a more solid, heavy model, fully protecting legs.


Another popular type of comfortable shoes are shoes. At first they were created solely for sports, and then so fond of the people that they began to wear them every day.

If you compare them with sneakers, you will see that they, first of all, different sole. Of shoes, unlike sneakers, it is smooth, made of vulcanized rubber. The top is made of cloth (sometimes made of leather, suede).

Initially, shoes were produced only tall, above the ankle. Later they began to make height regular lace-up shoes (they were called “sneakers”).

Because of its cheapness and convenience, they quickly gained popularity worldwide, especially among young people. In particular, they became popular in the Soviet Union, many enterprises began to release them.


In 1977 was created one kind of comfortable sport shoes — slip-ons. They are partially similar to the shoes without lacing. The height they close the lift, and the ankle remains open. They are made of canvas (leather, suede etc.), they are equipped with rubber sole. The sides have rubber inserts for easy dressing.

Their popularity contributed to the Hollywood actor and Director Sean Penn. In 1982 the film was released, in which he wore only them.

Footwear for recreation and fitness

Until the mid-twentieth century, these shoes were worn only for exercise or sports activities. However, in 50 years the situation has changed. After the release of the American film where the hero wore running shoes, many teenagers, imitating him, also wanted to wear only them.

Another impetus for the growth of their popularity has become the new fitness craze Jogging (which is called “Jogging”). American firms responded by increasing production of such shoes.

Then people increasingly began to wear it every day. Companies have begun to develop models designed for everyday use.

Evolution of popularity

The rising popularity of athletic shoes contributed to a celebrity. They wore sneakers, even at formal events. So did Hollywood celebrities woody Allen, Dustin Hoffman, members of the rock band led Zeppelin, etc.

Fitness is gradually becoming a phenomenon of everyday life of many people. Athletic shoes were increasingly conquered the world. In 90-e years almost all of the footwear companies of the world began to produce it. This industry is rapidly developing, there emerged many new brands.

All this forced the company to compete fiercely. They employed the best designers who changed the view of sports shoes, expanded color palette, experimenting with decorative details.

Work in this area has turned into a process of continuous improvement. Today the efforts of specialists focused on applying new breathable materials to make walking in this Shoe was the most easy, convenient, comfortable. For its production used modern equipment.

In recent years, the evolutionary process continues. A distinctive feature of today’s sneaker, sneakers, espadrilles is that they left sports only from the point of view of convenience, comfort, ease. Even if they, for example, look bulky, heavy, they are actually weightless, through the use of advanced materials. You can verify this, picking up a pair of sneakers or shoes, released well-known brands.

Otherwise, they are subject to the current requirements of fashion and with each season becoming more stylish and spectacular. For decoration used mesh fabric, metallic materials, fashion prints (drawings by “predators”, etc.), a variety of laces, etc.

These shoes became a fixture of the wardrobe of modern men. It creates an image of the active person leading an active lifestyle, involved in sports and fitness. Brisk walking has become the hallmark of the person of the XXI century, because you have so much to do.

The old rules are now obsolete, now sports shoes are worn with chiffon skirts and stylish jackets, elegant coat, etc., the Ease and convenience first!

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