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Walking for weight loss and health promotion: benefits and types of walks

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Walking for weight loss and health promotion: benefits and types of walks

The contents

  • The benefits of walking for health and weight loss
  • Contraindications to aerobic exercise
  • Types of walking for effective weight loss

Walking is not only the most accessible form of exercise, but also an effective way of struggle against excess weight. Active movement in everyday life help to strengthen the body and speed up the metabolism, and long daily walks in the fresh air promote weight loss and improve overall health.

The benefits of walking for health and weight loss

Doing their daily lives, going to work and coming home, or just strolling through the Park, we get significant advantages for your figure and body as a whole. Favor of the usual, each walk is difficult to overestimate — by moving mechanically, we can improve your appearance and strengthen your health:

  • During active walking muscles come in tone, increases firmness and elasticity.
  • Energetic movements stimulate blood circulation, have a positive impact on the spine and the entire musculoskeletal system, thus preventing many diseases.
  • Long walks at a moderate pace improve functioning of the cardiovascular system, as prevention of heart attacks, strokes.
  • During a walk in the fresh air, the tissues of the body are saturated with oxygen, improves the function of the respiratory system, increase of its volume.
  • Active movement helps improve metabolism and the nutrients are absorbed much more efficiently, the blood sugar level returns to normal, it stimulates effective weight loss.
  • Evening leisurely walks help to calm down and relax before sleep, to relieve nervous tension and reduce stress.
  • Regular walking in the fresh air helps to improve immunity and enhance body resistance to infections, even epidemics.
  • Monotonous movements performed when walking in the evening time, help to build a strong and healthy sleep.
  • Regular and long walks at a moderate pace contribute to a gradual and healthy weight loss.
  • Walks in the picturesque surroundings help to enhance the mood and distract from the problems of everyday life, in addition, moderate exercise stimulates the production of endorphins, thereby improving the overall psychological state.
  • For men walking is particularly useful as it improves blood circulation in the organs of the pelvis, significantly reduces the risk of developing serious prostate diseases.
  • Women with long and regular walks are necessary not only to maintain good physical shape and effective weight loss. Walking also reduces the risk of developing breast cancer.
  • Very useful lot of walking during pregnancy, if agreed with the doctor, because of the movement in the fresh air allow you to maintain muscle tone, saturate tissues with oxygen and help to improve peristalsis, which is especially important in this state.

Contraindications to aerobic exercise

Although walking is an essential part of our daily activity, there are some conditions in which it is not recommended to go for long walks:

  • Minimal activity is shown to people suffering from varicose veins in the last stages. If you need to walk need to wear compression stockings or wrapping legs in bandages.
  • With recent infarction and serious cardiovascular diseases for a long time and intensively move is prohibited, but Hiking in light physical activity shown during the period of rehabilitation after these diseases.
  • With the destruction and severe damage in the joints walking is not permitted. Locomotor activity can be restored by agreement with the doctor.
  • In the presence of hypertension useful short leisurely walk outdoors in the cool time of year, but during a relapse of the disease are not allowed to move.
  • In the acute phase of any infectious disease and with increasing temperature of the body also need to reduce physical activity to a minimum.

Types of walking for effective weight loss

With regular practice of walking the weight loss comes after several months of training, running helps to significantly speed up the process of weight loss. There are several factors that affect whether you do high intensity cardio or walking at a moderate pace:

  • the degree of physical fitness;
  • lifestyle;
  • the amount of overweight;
  • health.

People leading a sedentary lifestyle, it is better to start with a slow walk gradually increasing the pace. If your primary goal is weight loss, it is most efficient to do a run. In disorders of the nervous system, stress or anxiety syndrome, the most suitable would be a long walk in the evening.

According to the world health organization to maintain optimum health status and physical activity level you need to take about 1,000 steps a day. For these purposes there are several types of walk, each of which depends on individual characteristics:

  • Walking is low intensity.

This physical exercise is suitable for people who lead a sedentary lifestyle, and it involves a slow walk for half an hour. With time, you can slightly increase the speed and duration of walk.

  • Intense walking.

Heart rate during the movement up to 90 beats. Walking with a speed of 10 km/hour contributes to weight loss and speeding up metabolism.

  • Walking on the spot.

This kind of walk is often used when there is no opportunity to take a walk in the fresh air. You can adjust the intensity of this workout, stride, above, lifting knees and increasing the duration of the walk.

  • Walking up the stairs.

This type of load is the most complex of these. To master this walk you can stop using the Elevator and climb the stairs, each time doing it faster. You can also climb the stairs, not stepping on each step, and one that will increase the load on the abdominal muscles, hips and buttocks and provide effective weight-loss. Over time, when muscles a little stronger for the lessons you will to use the outdoor stairs in the Park or at the stadium, exercising in the fresh air with health benefits.

To make classes more effective, more useful and more enjoyable, do the walk at a convenient time, choose beautiful places for walking, increase the load gradually, and workout regularly spend in comfortable clothes and shoes.

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