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Walk the rules for effective weight loss

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Walk the rules for effective weight loss
The contents

  • The benefits of walking for weight loss
  • Rules from physical activity
  • Types of walking for weight loss

It is believed that running is the best form of exercise to get rid of excess fat deposits. But because of certain restrictions for health reasons not for all people, it is suitable not to everyone’s taste. However, for weight loss you can use other types of cardio, most natural of which is walking. It is not necessary to stick to restrictive diets — just enough to comply with the principles of a healthy balanced diet and walk a lot. The effect of such training will advance slower than after intense cardio, but negative health effects will be reduced to a minimum, because walking is the most natural method of movement.

The benefits of walking for weight loss

Walking is not only useful for gaining a slender figure, but also to maintain the health of the organism as a whole. This exercise helps:

  • to strengthen the respiratory system;
  • to develop endurance;
  • to improve the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • activate blood circulation, thereby strengthening the blood vessels;
  • to reduce stress and relieve emotional stress.

Weight loss is a nice bonus when doing so health fitness. It was found that one hour of slow steps the body is able to burn about 100 calories. Such a minimum energy consumption with no impact on excessive weight, however, accelerate the pace of walking, the calorie consumption will increase four times, which will allow you to achieve much more impressive results in the fight against excess weight.

Weight loss during walking is achieved due to the following factors:

  • fat burning — when walking, the body uses energy from fat reserves, while Jogging are primarily used carbohydrates;
  • work all the muscles — during the movement involved in the work of the muscles of the legs, arms and shoulders perform the function of a stabilizer, and thanks to the back and the press held the balance;
  • accelerate the metabolism — the metabolic processes are faster, the body with healthy nutrients.

Rules from physical activity

The main condition for the successful weight loss with walking is to maintain high intensity workouts. In addition, however, there are other rules and nuances to effectively combat excess body fat:

  • Determine the heart rate throughout the class, which should be about 70% above normal.
  • During the walk it is advisable not to talk, not to knock the breath rhythm. This physical exercise must be accompanied by deep uniform breath.
  • Carry out exercise regularly. To come weight loss, you need to do a walk almost every day, leaving 1-2 days a week for rest and recovery.
  • Training must be complete. This means that the total duration of intense walking for the day should be half an hour, it is allowed to split this time in 2-3 sessions.
  • Define for yourself a specific distance and attempt to overcome it, from time to time increasing the distance. To determine the distance traveled you can use a fitness bracelet, or to walk around the stadium, where it is convenient to count the number of circles.
  • Follow the steps as natural as possible, heel to toe and moving the bent arms to the beat.

Losing weight with the help walk is more intense, the higher your level of fitness. When a large excess mass and lack of training experience to start doing walking for weight loss should be gradual. To begin to move at a slow pace, walking pace, and give training only for half an hour three times a week. After a few weeks, you can speed up movement and to highlight lessons for 5 days. Work on this programme will suit people with medium levels of training.

The next stage of training involves daily sessions lasting from 45 minutes to an hour at an accelerated pace. From this stage your walking can start people with a high level of physical fitness, which for some reason can’t make weight loss more effective way.

Types of walking for weight loss

There are several classifications of walking for weight loss. Depending on the speed and method of movement are distinguished:

  • A slow walk.

It implies a movement habitual daily step for a long time. Tangible results in such exercises can obtain only people with lots of excess weight. The classes are usually held three times per week, duration of each — 30 minutes.

  • A quick walk.

It provides good aerobic exercise, helping to speed up the metabolism to burn the reserves of glucose, glycogen and start fighting with excess fat. To work in this rate is recommended at least one hour 5 days a week.

  • Interval walking.

Involves constant change of tempo, from calm to fast, delivers effective and fast weight reduction.

It is best to exercise in the morning, as this is the time of day the body is full of strength and energy, and moderate exercise will help to cheer up before labor day. In addition, after a night’s sleep in the body are practically no reserves of glucose, and therefore during exercise the fat starts to burn faster. But if you decide to do in the evening, make sure that the last meal was an hour and a half for training.

According to the technique of movement the walk is divided into:

  • Sports.

Walking, in which the front leg is not bent at the knee — it is put on the heel, then roll to the toe and is a push using the hips forward. Body during movement to keep at a slight angle, and your back straight.

  • Scandinavian.

Walking using special poles which resembles the movement of the skis. This kind of walking physical activity is the most effective among these, indeed, during training work and develop almost all the muscles of the body.

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