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Vs C: why the who encourages women to give birth?

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Recently the who released a document with fresh statistics on cesarean delivery. The number of operations in the world for 15 years almost doubled: from 12% in 2000 to 21% in 2015. And if this trend continues, more women will be subjected to unnecessary risk.

The main author of the study, gynecologist, Aga Khan University (Kenya) and Ghent (Belgium) Marlin of Relationships says: “Pregnancy and childbirth are natural processes that can proceed without complications. The increase in the number of caesarean — mostly without a medical reason is associated with an increased risk for mother and child.”

Cesarean section is a necessary procedure when complications in childbirth: bleeding, problems with heartbeat, malposition of the fetus. But since it’s still abdominal surgery, the risks are higher than in natural childbirth. Recovery takes longer and the risk of death of the mother increases by at least 60%, which is a lot even with the small percentage of mortality in the modern world. After cesarean woman is stronger than the risk of bleeding or ectopic pregnancy in the future.

Jane Sandall, an expert on maternal health from king’s College London, believes that “childbirth need to carefully weigh the benefits and risks. The growing popularity of cesarean section without medical indication increases the number of postnatal complications.”

According to the who, only 10-15% of births require intervention of surgeons, but in most countries doing more often.

According to the who, only 10-15% of births require intervention of surgeons, but in most countries doing more often. Only 25% of countries is less than C, whereas in 60% of abuse. The organization works to cesarean availability in the poor regions, but in North America and Western Europe the number of KS is growing at 2% per year, and in some countries, caesarean has become more than natural childbirth.

This trend is due to the fact that people have rising incomes, and access to a variety of procedures. Women go for cesarean for fear of a natural birth, tearing and decreased libido.

In an effort to reduce the number of surgical births, who deploys a training program for expectant mothers and their families, preparing clinical guidelines for medical practice and a basis for new research.

There is another aspect — the right of women to control their bodies. Therefore, explicitly forbid a cesarean without indications it is impossible, but to put women and children at risk is not worth it. As this issue will be resolved — time will tell.

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