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Virginity is like a myth: 5 false facts about a tiny area of skin

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Many girls told me how it hurts to have sex for the first time and as the torn hymen. In fact, the pain has nothing to do with the hymen! It’s a thin membrane inside the vagina, which experts consider an evolutionary atavism, that is the unimportant part of the body.

1. Myth: the hymen is torn during sex

It’s true, but only partly. She stretched, and may appear as tiny damage, but often this happens even before the first sex. Tampons, horseback riding and Biking, gymnastics can damage it.

2. Myth: a torn hymen hurts

Some it is, but not all. Some do not notice it! Someone experiencing mild discomfort.

3. Myth: it breaks once and remains like this

In fact it is not an instant thing. It can be a little hurt with a tampon, then a vibrator or penis. Blood in the first few sex acts is the norm.

4. Myth: if the hymen is torn, the sex was

This is likely a lie, because there are several ways to “break” her to sex.

5. Myth: it grows back if you had no sex

No! If it is already stretched, remains so forever, even if not to touch the vagina for 50 years. The return of virginity is naturally impossible.

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