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Vacuum – the best exercise for belly

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What is evacuation for the belly, and how to do it? The benefits of exercise. What muscle trains the vacuum of the abdomen, and why not all you can do? The answers to these questions, read this article.

The extra weight in the waist – a problem faced even people who are not obese. Intense workouts burn calories, eliminating fat deposits in a long time. But exercise vacuums much faster forms the waist with a minimum of physical exertion, without requiring a long work in the gym with weights or exhausting cardio.


Exercise “Vacuum belly” provides a beneficial effect on the body:

  • increases the strength of the transverse abdominal muscle fibers;
  • eliminates laxity of the abdomen;
  • removes the sagging of internal organs;
  • reduces pain in back;narrows the waist;
  • reduces the amount of visceral fat clustered around organs.

Training is suitable for people who are not suffering from excess weight, but have an elongated abdomen. For exercise we do not need additional sports equipment. Vacuum stomach takes a minimum of time and help to learn to control your abdominal muscle fibers. During class, the internal organs are massaged and work better. Exercise gives wider chest, so popular among bodybuilders.

The result from the vacuum of the stomach observed after two weeks: the press gets harder, and the abdominal muscles become stronger. With constant exercise reduces stress on the spinal column and straightens the posture. For this reason, the actual stomach workout for professional athletes, ordinary people, women after childbirth.

What muscles are trained?

The vacuum is an exercise to comprehensively enable the muscles of the torso. The main load during the training is on large direct lateral and lumbar muscles. They are located under the direct and oblique muscle fibers of the abdomen. Responsible for controlling the depth of respiration with strength training. Training these muscles helps to improve the results in the squats and the bench press.

Describes the group of muscle fibers and pumped rarely lag even in athletes. However, with their help gain the explosive power needed to improve physical performance.

Exercise vacuum belly workout designed for:

  • Body. More precisely involves the following muscle groups:
    • Stomach – direct, external and internal obliques.
    • Buttocks – medium, small, as well as lead.
    • The back extensors.
    • Loin – square.
  • Blades. A list of the involved muscles:
    • front gear (Musculus serratus anterior);
    • diamond: big and small;
    • lower trapezius (Musculus trapezius).
  • Shoulders. Pumped following muscle groups: 1 – large chest, 2 – deltoid, 3 – rotators.
  • Hands. Is pumping the triceps.
  • Direct muscles that form the relief of the stomach, and its protrusion prevents lateral. The vacuum helps to work them through, increasing the visibility of the cubes. If not load the transverse muscle, including special exercises in the workout, this can trigger a gradual increase in volume of the abdominal cavity, despite the constant strength training.

    Learn to do the exercise correctly

    Even experienced athletes don’t always know how to make a vacuum. The performance depends on the duration of the repetition. The optimal time one of isometric compression ratio is one to two minutes.

    Exercise for the stomach vacuum can be done in three ways:

  • Lying. In the initial position of the feet bent in knees, hands are placed along the body or apart. Relax and perform slow exhale until the air. The muscle belly is retracted to a maximum depth, and the breathing is delayed. 20 seconds is slow inspiration. Then repeat the breathing is again terminated at the same time. At the end of the repetition of the lungs gradually filled with oxygen, and the body relaxes. Back throughout workout is maintained in a smooth condition.
  • Sitting. Her hands rested on her knees, and the legs are at 90-degree angle. Done slow exhalation, then the voltage is held for 30 seconds. After this time you perform a gradual breath. The exercise is repeated 3 times. Note: if dizzy, the duration of delay of breathing is reduced.
  • Standing. This situation suggests two ways: with a straight bar and tilted the body forward. The second method is used by the bodybuilders. Accepted original position and the oxygen is exhaled slowly through the mouth. Once the lungs are empty, the abdomen gradually retracts to the limit. The described position is maintained for 30-60 seconds and then inhale.
  • These are variations of the General technique.

    The load depends on the version. In the lying position one makes the least effort, so this option is recommended for beginners.

    Internal muscle groups, slow-twitch fibers. They quietly carry the load. For their study of required daily classes. Exercise vacuum belly helps to reduce the scope of the waist for five-ten centimeters. It can be combined with other exercises with the AB workout, the maximum retracting the stomach at the time of twisting. The performance increases with the gradual increase of load (duration of one repetition) with the 20-to-60 seconds, adding 20 seconds every week.


    Improper technique contributes to reducing the effectiveness of the training. Even after reviewing the information how to do this exercise the vacuum stomach, also can prevent the range of errors. To prevent possible problems and improve the result, must adhere to the following tips:

    • to monitor the position of the spine and do not round your back;
    • pull the stomach slowly, controlling every movement;
    • spread your chest and shoulder blades together;
    • in the absence of experience to perform a repetition while lying or sitting;
    • the exhalation of air through the mouth;
    • the stomach is necessary to draw the ribs;
    • to keep the vacuum from 10 seconds or more;
    • to run on an empty stomach (waking up or before sleep).

    To boost muscles and get the result allowed the implementation of vacuus up to two times per day. Minimum standard of reps for one exercise is five times. As developments stamina the number of breaths and outputs gradually increases.

    When you can not do exercise

    Exercise vacuum for the press involves a number of contraindications, which discard it. Negative consequences during or after a workout can be caused by the following reasons:

    • diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
    • menstruation;
    • pregnancy;
    • postponing childbirth or surgery a few months before the physical activity;
    • hypertension, tachycardia, high blood pressure;
    • cardiovascular disease;
    • lung disease;
    • hernia of the abdominal cavity;
    • weak muscles of the abdomen;
    • diseases of internal organs located near the diaphragmatic septum.

    In the normal exercise does not cause pain and discomfort. Most often, the stomach vacuum is safe, but it will not bring significant benefits in the absence of a balanced diet and proper exercise program.

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