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Useful gymnast for pregnant trimesters

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For pregnant women there is a special set of exercises that will help to get rid of many problems. Thanks to the exercises strengthens the spine, improves blood circulation to the internal organs. Let’s look at what exercises you can perform for 1, 2 and 3 trimester of pregnancy.

What are the benefits of exercises in pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a difficult time, harder which can only be a generic activity. In this regard, future mom need to prepare well for the upcoming birth. Performing exercises for pregnant women in every trimester, you will be able to improve blood flow to internal organ systems. But they need improvement in such an important period for women!

Good physical preparation will allow you to avoid lacerations and other injuries.

That’s why you need to dedicate time to exercise, work out the tissue of the perineum. In addition, gymnastics helps to overcome morning sickness, as a movement aimed at cleaning the body.

But it is important not only the physical preparation for childbirth, but also a positive attitude. To birth went well, psychologists advise to treat the gym as to the gameplay. Imagine that each body is a separate body endowed with consciousness. And the womb is a home for the child during the period in which the child feels safe and comfortable.

Girls are often put hand on tummy, talking to baby. All the feelings, emotions, experiences baby passed from mother. That’s why she needs to be healthy, strong, resilient!

What are the contraindications for exercise?

Despite the obvious advantages, the gymnastic exercises has its drawbacks. But you first need to consult with your doctor. Contraindications include:

  • The risk of miscarriage.
  • Strong toxicosis.
  • Preeclampsia.
  • Sudden changes in blood pressure (increase/decrease).
  • The inflammatory process.
  • The risk of preterm delivery.
  • Exacerbation of chronic diseases.

Breath as the coach

Breathing exercises – a set of exercises, which makes the pregnant to physical exertion or in process. Most often, it lasts no longer than ten minutes. Thanks to the breathing warm up the body is saturated with oxygen and freed from carbon dioxide. Bear in mind that long sessions can lead to dizziness, low blood pressure, feeling weak, drowsiness.

The main objective of breathing exercises is to prepare expectant mothers for labor. With it, you learn to control breathing and also increases the amount of oxygen in the blood vessels. She also has the benefit in the period after childbirth. The mother quickly discards the extra pounds.

Breath control first and foremost. There is a complex of exercises for learning the finer points of breath:

  • Breathing diaphragm: put 1 hand on the ribs and 2 on the abdomen. Nose breathe in the air. Moreover, the diaphragm descends and the abdomen is growing in size. Exhale again the nose or mouth. Do pause between inhalation and exhalation up to 1 second.
  • Breathe chest: put your hands on the ribs. Breathe in with your nose. After filling the lungs with air, slowly exhale.
  • Dog: get on all fours, stick out your tongue out. Inhale air through the mouth and often.
  • Four-phase breathing: breathe in the air the nose 5 and hold within 2-3 seconds, then a long exhale. The total charging time – 2-3 minutes.

Exercises should be performed 2 or 3 cycles, gradually increasing the duration of breath.

Exercise in accordance with the term

Each trimester comes with its own exercise and the degree fiznagruzki. Selection occurs at the individual characteristics. Take into account all the processes in the body, General condition of the mother and fetus.

The first trimester

The period from 12 to 14 a week is considered the most dangerous in the development of the embryo. Therefore, to conduct exercises in the 1st trimester should be low intensity. In any case it is impossible to make the load on the abdominal muscles, so as not to provoke a miscarriage.

During this period placed more emphasis on the hips and breathing exercises. The exercises are simple, but very effective:

  • Grab a chair with a back. Lean on him with your hands and perform deep squats, spreading the legs on the sides. Can combine with the raising of the fingers of the lower extremities.
  • Strengthening the chest. Put your hand on the chest, the palm of your hand in this seal. Work with the muscles of the chest, palms sleep.
  • Study of the transverse muscle of the abdomen. Use the back of a chair for support. Cross Creek foot forward, then from himself to the side, and then back. A good prevention against stretch marks.
  • Motion booty in a circle to the side. With the lower limbs placed at the distance of the shoulder girdle, and knees slightly bent.
  • Rotating the feet clockwise. Stand up on socks (while sitting). This exercise is effective for varicose veins and cramps in the legs.

II trimester

This is the safest period of pregnancy. Signs of toxicity inherent in the early stages, is not observed, the psychological state significantly improved. Exercises aimed at the elaboration of the pelvis. To do gymnastics better on a regular basis.

Give up of exercises performed on one leg, and perform exercises in the brace. Motion complete on your side and not lying on your back. So, my uterus is compressing the inferior Vena cava, and the required oxygen is supplied to the child.

That’s what is allowed in the 2nd trimester:

  • Warm-up: sit down on something hard and cross your lower limbs. Turn your head to the left and right side. Next, turn the torso with outstretched hands.
  • The pose of the mermaid: performing breath, hands stretch to the ceiling, making the exhale – make the head.
  • Stretching for the lateral muscles of the abdomen: lie down on one side, put your hands right at each other and pull forward. That top turn around 180 degrees. using the torso. Then go back to the original position.
  • Sit down, grab the ass on your heels and stretch your hands forward. Tilt your torso and forehead touch the floor. Applies to relaxing exercises. Can barely push the lower limbs in the knees, so that the stomach feel comfortable.

III trimester

Increased body weight makes the girl perform gymnastics like I used to.

III trimester – the excellent period for use of the fitball.

Training can be conducted at home or in the gym for pregnant women:

  • Use mild dumbbells (weighing up to 1 kg). Sit on the ball, alternately bend the arm with a dumbbell.
  • Sit on the floor, squeeze the ball on average pace. So considering the chest muscles.
  • Position “lying on back”: position the leg on the exercise ball and roll a ball back and forth. Either do the movement in a circle. Perform 1-2 minutes to prevent varicose veins.

Gymnastics in the 3rd trimester can cause tone uterus. So if you experience discomfort you should immediately discontinue exercise. It will be enough breathing exercises.

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