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Use fitness workouts and exercises on a fitball

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Use fitness workouts and exercises on a fitball
The contents

  • A bit of history
  • The influence of fitness training on the fitball on the human body
  • Features of the fitball choice for regular fitness training
  • A set of exercises on the fitball

Exercises on the fitball, in addition to its efficiency, bring a lot of positive emotions. This load does not seem exhausting and boring, but rather uplifting and gives cheerfulness and energy. Exercise, performed using the fitball, improve flexibility and coordination, comprehensively utilizes the muscle fibers of the various parts of the body, contribute to the correction of posture. Unstable position of the projectile causes the muscles to be in constant tension to hold the equilibrium state. Fitball promotes coordinated work of all organs and systems of the body.

A bit of history

Professional use of a fitball (Swiss ball) for medicinal and health purposes began in Switzerland thanks to the talented physiotherapists Susan Kleinlogel. Initially, she used a huge ball for rehabilitation of young patients with cerebral palsy (CP).

In the course of long research and clinical trials, the doctor was able to prove the effectiveness of the exercises using the fitball for the normalization of the status of individual organs and the human body as a whole. The essence of the method consists in the following: springing oscillations of the ball cause much vibration waves, which enhance the functioning of the cortex of the adrenal glands and the gastrointestinal tract, inhibits peristalsis of the intestine, return the liver, kidneys and other internal organs to stable work.

The results of her medical treatment did not go unnoticed. The technique continued to exist and began to be used for people with spinal cord injuries, musculoskeletal and serious lesions of the Central nervous system.

The influence of fitness training on the fitball on the human body

Use the fitball for regular fitness classes and physiotherapy helps:

  • elimination of discomfort or pain in the back;
  • prevention of diseases of musculoskeletal system and curvatures of the spine;
  • to prevent the occurrence of hernias and protrusions of intervertebral discs;
  • to release tension in muscles and joints, increasing their elasticity;
  • relaxation and stretching overused muscles of the back and pelvis;
  • stabilization of the vestibular apparatus, better coordination of movements;
  • the return of joint mobility;
  • reduction of muscle tone in young children;
  • improvement of the cardiovascular system, the normalization of the pulse;
  • a qualitative study of the abdominal muscles;
  • the overall strengthening of the muscle corset.

In this fitness workout on a fitball provide a fairly gentle load. Classes with its use have virtually no contraindications and is recommended for people even with low physical training. Pregnant women should use the exercise ball for relaxation of overloaded muscles and joints. Sitting on a fitball in the initial period of contractions, can significantly reduce pain and prepare for childbirth.

Features of the fitball choice for regular fitness training

Finding the right fitball for fitness training — responsible process. On the correct choice will depend on the quality and effectiveness of future sessions. Here are the basic criteria that you need to pay attention to:

  • The material of the ball should be dense, elastic, and homogeneous throughout the surface.
  • The dimensions are selected according to individual anthropometric parameters of the person. For people growth 160-170 cm suitable ball diameter about 65 cm high fitness enthusiasts (over 170 cm) optimal fitball with a diameter of 70-80 cm for Those who are short in stature, quite a ball with a diameter of 55-60 cm
  • Fitball shall withstand not less than 150 kg.
  • Test compression: at low load exercise ball should bend over backwards to 2-2,5 see
  • Important a certain rigidity of the ball on a too-soft simulator load on the muscles will be minimal. More hard surface complicates the exercise.
  • The external surface may be different. The smooth surface makes additional efforts to maintain equilibrium of the body. Balls with a dimpled and grooved area providing an additional massaging and relaxing effect.
  • A set of exercises on the fitball

    Fitness with stability ball is effective for the development of the core muscles, the abdominals, thighs and buttocks, is suitable for strengthening exercises of the tendons and joints. These classes safe: the risk of injury is minimal, since the fitball does not allow excessive load on the muscles and eliminates excess pressure on the joints. To begin classes after warm-up active warm-up.

    • Squats with a focus on the ball.

    You stand back to the wall at a distance of 50-70 cm from it. To set the fitball between the wall and lumbar spine. Feet positioned at shoulder width. Perform squats with a smooth rolling ball at the wall before the formation of the buttocks right angle with the floor surface.

    • The sit-UPS.

    To lie on his stomach on the fitball. The front part of the thighs should touch the ball a foot to stand on the ground. Hands cross in the “lock” and remove the head. Start lifts the chest up. Exercise is effective for working through the shoulder and lumbar.

    • Push-UPS.

    Take the position of classic push-UPS on his outstretched hands. Feet positioning on the ball so that the whole body from head to toe formed a straight line. To perform push-UPS.

    • The operation of the press.

    Sit on the exercise ball. Remove your hands behind your head, straighten the blades. Feet positioned slightly wider than shoulders. Gently roll the exercise ball under your back and down on him. Raise the torso up and locked in its current position for 3-5 seconds. To fall on the ball. The lower falls the body, the more intense the load and deeper stretching of the muscles.

    • Lifts hips.

    Lie on the floor, hands to dissolve in different directions. Straight leg positioning on the ball with support under the calf muscles. Socks stop to pull over. Stress the abdomen to raise the buttocks as high as possible. The highest point to fix for 5 seconds. Smoothly return to the starting position.

    At the end of fitness workout, you a few moments to just lie on the exercise ball to relax and stretch the muscle fibers.

    Competent training on the fitball help to normalize the function of internal organs and the vestibular apparatus. Help to gently stretch the joints gently stretch the muscles and spine. Due to the unstable situation, the exercise ball engages the entire muscular system, so the exercise ball is often used in fitness programs, stretching, Pilates, yoga, aerobics, shaping.

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