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Use an elliptical trainer and exercise for weight loss on it

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Use an elliptical trainer and exercise for weight loss on it

The contents

  • Elliptical trainer good for weight loss
  • Exercises on the elliptical trainer
  • Varieties of elliptical fitness equipment

The cardio machines are devices for training of muscles and the heart, vessels and respiratory system of the body. These include Jogging tracks, riders, bikes, Steppers and other types of devices. Thanks to aerobic exercise, in addition to increasing stamina and body tone, cardio helps the breakdown of excess fat and weight loss. One of the most popular types of these devices is the elliptical machine or elliptical trainer exercises which resemble walking on skis with some additions.

While working on the elliptical it pedals move in an elliptical path, providing a complex effect on a muskulaturnoy groups — calves, thighs, legs, back and chest. Because over time, stamina will increase, the duration and intensity of your workouts will also be gradually increased.

Trainer elliptical type have become particularly popular among female audience, becoming a great alternative to the classic fitness and shaping. Because this device allows us to treat problem areas of the body that are hard worked in other exercises. In addition, the elliptical does not give the shock load on the joints, which is especially important for aging athletes.

Elliptical trainer good for weight loss

Losing weight is a difficult process: in addition to the correction of the diet, it requires more exercise. It is known that getting rid of excess fat is possible only by creating a certain calorie deficit, ie the body needs to fewer calories than you expend.

During the regular and intense training on the elliptical trainer all the body’s tissues are saturated with oxygen and are beginning to burn excess body fat. Many manufacturers of sports equipment equip their models with a special monitor, locking calorie consumption.

Also on the market are varieties orbitrekom with built-in anti-cellulite deposits. Then on the monitor indicates the optimal workout, offers the recommended distance and the time required to obtain the best possible result in the shortest possible time.

Exercises on this device recommended to many people with problems of the musculoskeletal system, which are not allowed to do regular fitness. Because this device allows you to adjust the speed of movement, and is characterized by a moderate load on the muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons. At the same time it provides a fairly quick weight loss, strengthening muscles and improving skin tone.

To train on the elliptical trainer it is possible for people of any age and fitness. Due to the flexible configuration and stability, exercise on orbitrek comfortable and is safe movements.

Exercises on the elliptical trainer

Today the elliptical machine is one of the best sports devices for exercise, helping to maintain muscle tone and optimal functioning of heart, vessels and respiratory organs.

Due to the constant development of technology, modern models are equipped with various features that enable you to literally replace a small fitness room. So, with the help of the elliptical, you can perform a full range of exercise — running, walking, skiing, climbing steps and even gymnastics. While it easy to adjust the movement speed and the width of the step. And all this without leaving your own home!

Catching up on orbitrek, be sure to consider the following points:

  • the step length should be chosen individually, depending on the growth of the athlete;
  • too large a step can make movement uncomfortable and overloading of the knee joints;
  • the optimal weight flywheel for smooth running of the pedals 10-15 pounds.

It should be noted that this simulator is quite compact in size and easy to transport, so placing it should be no problem. In addition, some models are equipped with wheels, enabling you to move the machine at any convenient place inside the dwelling.

Varieties of elliptical fitness equipment

There are several varieties orbitrekom depending on system load:

  • mechanical;
  • magnetic;
  • electromagnetic.

Mechanical models are the most simple device and is characterized by the fact that their work leads directly to the man himself. Therefore, these simulators are not very smooth movements and make noticeable noise. The main advantages of mechanical orbitrekom is light weight, low cost and lack of need for a power source. So at the end the fitness workout can be easily removed to the nearest corner or designated under his seat.

The magnetic models are characterized by the presence of a magnetic braking system. This ensures that the pedal simulator is moving smoothly and quietly. These models also have relatively low cost and thus allow you to set the desired degree of loading. The advantage of magnetic models is a variety of possible workouts.

Simulators of the electromagnetic type is the most modern and versatile model. They are equipped with an electromagnetic braking system which is controlled by the computer’s processor, regardless of the movement of the pedals. While computer programs are able to find the optimal load to achieve the desired result. Although such devices have a relatively high cost, they have undoubted advantages — low noise, durability and wear resistance.

Prices for cross trainers have a relatively wide range. So, the simplest device with the possibility of running, walking, skiing and Cycling, will cost about 13 thousand rubles. And the prices on the newest models developed based on the latest innovation, can reach up to 130 thousand rubles.

However, regardless of the cost and type of simulator, regular exercise on it will surely help you to get fit. And weight loss becomes quick, easy and enjoyable process.

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