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Upper Body: features, rules, and a set of exercises

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Upper Body: features, rules, and a set of exercises
The contents

  • Fitness program Upper body: what are its features?
  • The effect of exercise
  • Exercises from the program Upper body
  • Fitness workout Upper body: rules of conduct

The modern fitness industry offers a large number of programs aerobics and fitness. Among them you can easily choose a suitable option depending on individual goals, abilities and preferences. Program Upper body will interest those who seek to improve the condition of muscles and develop power ability. The program generated from the exercise of power orientation with the use of small and medium-weights.

Fitness program Upper body: what are its features?

Upper body is one of the programs power of fitness. Like other similar programs, it consists of strength exercises that are performed in the aerobic mode. This means that working with weights is pretty quick, and the weights used are lighter compared to weight training in bodybuilding, powerlifting and weightlifting. Such power of the program is especially popular among women, because they can be used to simulate a beautiful figure without the risk of pumping muscles. Unlike standard strength training, fitness program Upper body can significantly build muscle mass. Classes in this technique can be useful for men, especially in the drying period of the muscles.

Upper body is a program for the development of the muscles of the upper body (upper — upper body). Fitness workout Upper body tone up, improve shape and increase muscle strength chest, shoulders, arms, back, abdomen. The training involved a variety of weights: dumbbells, gymnastic sticks, dumbbells, medicine balls. Used and other sport equipment: rubber tubing, resistance bands, step platforms, exercise balls. Classes are usually held 3 times a week. After each workout is a 48-hour break is the time required for the muscles to properly recover. In the days free from training Upper body, you can strengthen the muscles of the lower part of the body or with other types of fitness.

The effect of exercise

The classes Upper body figure improve and develop the quality power. If you regularly practice this type of training, you will notice over time, as strengthened muscle corset of the body, straighten the shoulders, aligns posture, disappeared sagging really problem area hands — on the rear side of the shoulders. Workout Upper body contribute to the development of hand strength, increase stamina, accelerate weight loss.

Fitness program Upper body has many advantages:

  • Training open to people with any level of physical fitness. Strength exercises program not used super-heavy weights like in bodybuilding. The pace of the exercise can be adjusted. The weight of the weights and intensity increase gradually.
  • The program comprehensively develops the muscles of the torso and upper extremities. Load get big pectoral muscles, deltoid, biceps and triceps muscles of the shoulders, the muscle group of the forearm. They worked out the muscles of the back and abdominals.
  • For the class of the Upper body does not need special machines, bulky weights, racks, benches for fitness etc. Equipment is used the most simple and affordable: dumbbells, bodybar, the bands.
  • Usually workout Upper body are held in group format: exercises are performed at the same time several people under the control of the instructor. You can do alone. Independently develop a program Upper body will help text instructions of the exercises and video tutorials from fitness trainers.

    Exercises from the program Upper body

    Consider a few examples of exercises:

    • Strengthening of the biceps.

    Make the standing position, heels close, socks to send out to the sides. Take in dumbbell hands, pulling them along the sides. Maintaining the average pace, bend your arms and lift the dumbbells to the shoulders. Movements in turn: first right leg, then left. Make 20-30 of flexion with each hand.

    • Study of the triceps, muscles of the shoulder girdle and upper back.

    To take the same pose as in the first exercise. Bend the arms and raise the dumbbells to shoulder level. Squeeze the weights straight up, completely straight arms. Lower the dumbbells to the shoulders first, then down to its original position. Repeat 15-35 times, moving at an average pace.

    • Study of the pectoral and deltoid muscles.

    Stand up straight, feet together, toes apart. Hands with dumbbells pull forward and raise to shoulder level. Get up on your toes and at the same time to dissolve hands in the parties. Repeat 8-12 times.

    • Strengthening the back.

    Make the position: standing, feet on width of shoulders, hands over head, palms dumbbells. Lean forward. Legs do not bend. During tilt, exhale. Straighten up for breath. To complete the approach after the tenth tilt.

    • Pumping press.

    To sit on a chair, dumbbells to pick up and placed near the shoulders, the feet rest against the floor. To fulfill the slopes of the body forward at a slow pace. To do at least 10 repetitions.

    Fitness workout Upper body: rules of conduct

    Before training Upper body will not have to think about the contents warm up. Warm up with the same exercises that are performed in the main part of the lesson. Only the shells take more light. Duration fitness workouts Upper body is 40-50 minutes. First considering the powerful dorsal and pectoral muscles. Then perform the exercises for smaller muscles (biceps, triceps, muscle group of the forearm). You need to start with 10 reps per exercise, and then gradually increase the number of repetitions, and the weight of the weights.

    Before you start training Upper body, it is necessary to ensure their health safety. Such fitness training involve quite serious weight training and intense aerobic. They cannot be conducted during pregnancy and in the postoperative period. Classes in a fitness program Upper body is contraindicated for varicose veins, hypertension, heart disease, asthma, disorders in the musculoskeletal system.

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