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Unusual exercises with a hula Hoop for daily training

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Unusual exercises with a hula Hoop for daily training

The contents

  • How to choose a hula Hoop for daily exercise?
  • How to conduct sessions for losing weight with hula Hoop?
  • Exercise for weight loss with gymnastic Hoop

Slim, trim figure, as a rule, is the result of regular exercise. However, many do not exercise because they think the workout routine is quite boring. That such people should definitely try exercise for weight loss with a hula Hoop. This bright gymnastic equipment reminiscent of childhood and evokes the most positive emotions. In addition, it helps effectively to lose weight, strengthen muscles and improve tone of the body.

Especially good gymnastic Hoop acts on the waist area, helping girls and women to create the beautiful curves of the figure. Hula hooping also increases the endurance of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, improves coordination and revitalizes the whole body. Experts say that half an hour of active exercise with a Hoop burns about 300 calories and starts losing weight.

How to choose a hula Hoop for daily exercise?

Today in sports stores are different types of wraps, different weight and device design. So, hula hooping can have the balloons with air cushion or magnetic inserts, and its weight is able to vary from 0.7 to 3 kg and even above. Also shells can be made of plastic or rubber, there are also folding copies — very convenient for storage and transportation. While each model has a manual with a description of its main purpose.

Since the apparatus significantly affects the performance of exercises, when it is selected should take into account the individual characteristics of man, namely physical shape and body type and training goal. It is not necessary to buy the most expensive and advertised, or too cheap projectile.

The beginner is better to use a normal light Hoop that will allow you to avoid pain around the waist during exercise and will prevent bruising. More prepared people can be purchased shell medium weight with a little massaging bumps. And experienced athletes can do with a heavy projectile very different relief.

How to conduct sessions for losing weight with hula Hoop?

To achieve good results and avoid injury, you need to build classes with gymnastic Hoop. Optimally carried out daily workout of at least 30 minutes. During exercise, you can include their favorite music, which makes classes even more enjoyable — in this case, you will fly completely unnoticed.

Exercise for weight loss with a hula Hoop can be run in different rate — how slowly and quickly. Only in the presence of hernias, back problems or kidney necessary preliminary consultation of the doctor.

During the first training, there is improvement in coordination and adaptation to the active load on the press. Despite proper selection of the projectile, is to be ready to prevent marks on the skin. So the first exercise is best done in tight clothing, you can even use special shorts for weight loss. When a strong hematomas should take a break in classes or choose the shell easier.

Many have noted that the significant weight loss give changes of direction and speed of rotation of the Hoop, and gradually increase the time of exercise. Also during training you can practice different inclinations of a trunk forward or backward, straight or slightly bent legs. Although the Hoop directly affects only the area of the waist and thighs, these workout effective for weight loss whole body. The first explicit results — toned muscles your waist will become visible after only a month of regular exercise with hula Hoop.

In addition postroynevshaya body, they also:

  • form a correct posture;
  • strengthen different muscle groups of the body;
  • normalize the metabolism in the body;
  • will train the heart, blood vessels and respiratory system;
  • will improve bowel function.

Exercise for weight loss with gymnastic Hoop

In addition to the standard rotation of a gymnastic Hoop, there are other interesting exercises with the projectile. Most importantly, do not forget that every workout begin with a short warm-up.

Exercises for the back:

  • Put the projectile in front of him, lean on his hands, slowly lean down and return to the starting position. While tilting the back should remain completely flat. Do 3 sets of 10-15 repetitions.
  • From the same starting position to make turns in different directions at the same time rolling the Hoop. In this case, rotation must be accompanied by exhalation. Do 2 sets of 10-15 repetitions.
  • Stand up straight, take a hula Hoop for sides and lift up. To perform a full number of tilts to the left, then right. Try to feel the tension of the lateral abdominal muscles. Do 3 sets of 10-15 repetitions.
  • Exercises for waist:

  • Stand up straight, legs close Hoop to keep the waist. Start with slow rotation of the hula Hoop, gradually increasing the speed. To rotate in the opposite direction. The duration of the rotation for 2 minutes in each direction.
  • The original pose is the same as in the previous exercise. Spread your arms, cross your legs, hands hold the Hoop around the waist. Spin the hula Hoop at an average pace of about 2 minutes. To change the position of the feet, and to start the rotation of the projectile in the opposite direction.
  • Exercises for thighs and buttocks:

  • Stand up straight, wrap to keep in the hips. Start spinning the hula Hoop the motion of hips, hands raised above the head or front of chest. Do 3 sets of 10 repetitions in both directions.
  • Hoop to position at the waist. Rotational movements to move the hula Hoop vertically on the body from the waist to the hips and back. Do 3 sets of 5-7 repetitions.
  • To sit on his haunches. Rotate the Hoop at the same time slowly straightening the body, and the re-lowering squat. Perform 3 sets of 10-15 repetitions. This is the most difficult but very effective exercise.
  • Thus, the complex of daily exercises for weight loss with hula Hoop is an effective exercise for bringing the entire body to tone and burn excess fat. If an exercise didn’t work the first time, do not despair: the desire and the hard training will certainly help to achieve the desired result!

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