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Unpublished photos of Big Ramy surfaced in front of Arnold Classic USA 2020

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The Egyptian colossus Ramy Mamdouh Elssbiay, after missing the competition season last year, since August 2019, has secretly prepared under the guidance of the successful but controversial guru-trainer Chad Nichols. The first competition, for which the 35-year-old athlete prepared with the help of Chad, was the traditional Arnold Classic Festival of the USA 2020. But they reached the semi-finals with a too flooded shape, which, according to Chad, deprived some of the details and doomed Mamda to third place. Chad admitted that, ideally, Big Rami could not complete the preparation, but he praised 100% of himself and his ward for the fact that he always followed his instructions. Performance at the Arnold Classic festival, according to Nichols, should be understood primarily as the experience that taught him how Big Rami's body “works”. The trainer expected to bring Mamda to peak in 14 days at Arnold Classic Australia 2020. However, due to the worldwide pandemic caused by the new coronavirus, the government and organizers decided not to hold the competition and the festival was canceled almost at the last minute. At the moment, you can see unpublished images before the tournament at the end of Elssbiai’s preparations, which Mamdu himself posted on Instagram. Photos were taken earlier in the week, and Arnold Classic 2020 took place on Saturday.
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Mar 11, 2020 at 6:40 PDT
Rami Mamdu Elssbye

Rami Mamdu Elssbye

Rami Mamdu Elssbye

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