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Ugh, spit it out. The 7 most dangerous (and stupid) diets in history

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Vinegar diet Lord Byron

Lord Byron throughout his life, was very afraid of getting fat. What kind of Byronic manner can be involved, if you have on the belt lies a weighty belly? To avoid weight gain, he adhered to a very strict diet, products soaked in vinegar and drank water with vinegar. After that, he wore several layers of wool clothing to a sweat. To cope with hungry pains, he smoked cigars.
Byron was, if allowed to, so to speak, influencera of the time, so his example was followed by other young people who wish to achieve the same thinness and mysterious paleness.

Eat anything (and arsenic)

The idea uncontrollably eaten any food and still lose weight for a long time to seduce people. In the nineteenth century many pills and tonics for weight loss was the same profitable business. Only the content of hazardous substances have been much higher. For example, pharmacologists in those years, generously spiced preparations of arsenic, and strychnine, claiming that these ingredients speed up the metabolism.

“Great peredelyvali”

Remember this name: Horace Fletcher, or Great peredelyvali. The man who nearly destroyed the jaws to thousands of his followers. He lived in the nineteenth century and in 1895 suggested a brilliant solution: “the Most important part is proper preparation of food for digestion that occurs in our mouth”.

Horace Fletcher

He left and more detailed instructions — you need to make about 100 of jaw movements per minute. Food should be softened so that you will be literally disgusting to swallow. Fletcherism — so called this style of food.

Diet with a pipe

The KE diet or diet with feed tube still exists in the United States. To her resorted bride who urgently need to fit into a wedding dress, because this diet promises a loss of 10 kg in 10 days.
So, what do people eat on this diet? Nothing, to be exact. Because they are in the nose introduce a special elastic tube, which descends to the stomach. The only food that enters the body, is KE powder — a mixture of different proteins, fats and minerals without the carbohydrates. The patient receives about 800 calories daily. The tube can be removed only on an hour a day, and the only available “food” in addition to “magic powder”, is tea, coffee and water.

Our article is not enough to list all the risks that carries this diet. Patients always feel nausea and lack of energy, they begin the problems with the kidneys and the stomach, in the future may develop eating disorders. Although, most likely, people who agree on a tube in the nose, there is a problem with the food behavior.

A little sherry

How to stay slim? Drinking… no, not the water. In the material of Telegraph from 1955, a Barbara Taylor urged women who wanted to lose weight, each meal to finish 150 g of sweet or dry sherry. And I want to add: “and then you will just not care about weight”.

A diet of cotton balls

Let’s dot the i. To eat non-edible items in the calculation of losing weight, is not so much a diet as an eating disorder, and such people, of course, needs the help of a specialist. A diet of cotton balls — trend mid-2010’s. the Idea behind the diet is that patients soaked cotton balls in juice or a smoothie and eat them.
Than it threatens? Yes, almost all. First, our body will not digest cotton balls, so that soon the people on this diet there is a bowel obstruction. Second, they are toxic and can cause poisoning. Third, similar food experiments often lead to anorexia.

The Paleolithic diet

“But our ancestors…” — this phrase starts all the stupid and crazy suggestions to improve someone’s life. And fans of stone age diets advocate eating only those foods that our ancestors ate during the Paleolithic: vegetables, fruits, nuts, meat… it Seems to be okay. All evil, according to fans of this diet, from what people mastered agriculture.
The British dietetic Association called the Paleolithic diet, the worst diet of 2015, endorsed by the celebrities. In her opinion, is “an unbalanced, time-consuming and socially isolated diet” and “the right way to develop nutrient deficiencies”.
The paleo diet involves a complete rejection of grasses, which are a valuable source of b vitamins, iron, fiber and more. In addition, the Paleo-diet suggests lots of meat and relatively little plant food, which can lead to the development of cardiovascular diseases.

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