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Tyson workout: exercise and daily routine

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Tyson workout: exercise and daily routine

Fitness classes program known athletes have a special motivation. This is a test of their will, strength and fortitude. There is interest to repeat what is not available to many. One of the famous people whose success curious beginner athletes, is Mike Tyson. His fitness program is popular not only among the boxers but also among athletes of different directions, wishing to strengthen and develop your body.

It should be noted that training for a boxer was a way of life, each weekday was dedicated to some exercises. The entire load was calculated and adapted to it, so before you decide to repeat it day, you need to make sure in their own abilities.

Routine: load, workout, leisure

Schedule of a professional athlete is complicated for people that are just beginning acquaintance with the world of sports. Morning boxer began at 5 a.m. and run to 3 miles in an hour, after which he went to sleep again until 10 o’clock. After Breakfast, there came a sequel in the form of sparring that lasted 10 rounds. Daytime fitness classes included working with pear, paws, followed by complex power loads. After a short rest followed by cardio.

Special attention was paid to athletic exercises jumping rope: it trains endurance and strengthens the respiratory system, which is extremely valuable for a boxer who needs to move quickly around the ring. Part of jumping is performed on bent legs — this allows the thigh muscles to the static load, and the calf to take the bulk of the movement itself. With the help of exercises on the rope acquired the ease of movement that develops overall body balance and coordination of movements.

To maintain this pace for the layman is very difficult, so as a basis athletes choose power fitness program, which engaged M. Tyson. It should be understood that such a practice, he came gradually, so no need to duplicate it entirely for the first time, the load is added gradually. For beginners it is permissible to reduce the number of cycles or increase the time of rest between sets.

Power of fitness programs M. Tyson

Power fitness classes do not require special equipment, enough parallel bars and rods, other exercises are performed with the weight of his own body. The main load falls on the triceps, Delta, chest and trapezius muscles. In the lower parts of the body work the front part of the thigh muscles and gluteus group.

One round fitness program includes:

  • squats — 200 times;
  • vertical pushups on parallel bars 25-40 times;
  • the drill press — 50 times;
  • re-dips — 25-40 times;
  • classic push-UPS — 50 times;
  • sragi with a barbell 30 kg — 50 times;
  • the bridge on the neck, hands, measuring oscillations in 10 minutes.

These boxer performed 10. Rest between exercises and rounds made up 30 seconds. Such a period of time qualitatively develops speed and endurance, which is important for a boxer.

The bridge should be carefully managed, the movement should be smooth and quiet, with massage effect. Sharp gusts and the offset can lead to serious injuries, so if you are not sure in own forces, in the early stages it is better to be ready to cover yourself with your hands. There are several ways to accomplish this fitness exercises: back, up, down, rolling. It is recommended to start with the first option, the rest is much harder and more dangerous.

Features fitness complex

Described fitness program was a part of General physical preparation of the athlete and are performed 5 days a week. The rest period took only two days. It should be understood that Boxing was the main goal of an athlete’s life, and to repeat such schedule from Amateur athlete there is no need.

Fitness complex should be carried out gradually, reasonably adding load and focusing on your own capabilities. Before and after each workout, be sure to perform a stretch, you should allow time for full muscle recovery. Rest is extremely important for the athlete not only physically, but also emotionally: the nervous system is not able to withstand the constant stress, and without proper motivation, sooner or later it fails, leading to a nervous breakdown and the symptoms of overtraining.

Mike Tyson inspires the accomplishment of personal records, his program is a model of perseverance and focus on results. To fulfill it entirely can really trained athletes, but for beginners followers of the HLS it will be a stimulus and motivation to the development of his own body.

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