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Types of fitness: choose to your liking

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Types of fitness: choose to your liking
The contents

  • HLS: fashion health
  • The types of fitness that can be practiced alone
  • Walking, running, Cycling and other exercises
    • Jogging
    • Nordic walking
    • Cycling

The fitness buzzword. Many say: “I go to the gym, doing fitness.” He is one of the components of a healthy lifestyle and helps to keep the body in good shape, feel great and look attractive. There are many types of exercises, including those that can practice on their own.

HLS: fashion health

In recent years, HLS, that is, a healthy lifestyle, is becoming increasingly popular. In glossy magazines and on television promoted a slim, toned, youthful body. Even food advertising constantly emphasizes that this food is healthy, she is given the name “bio”, “nature” etc. to Be healthy, fit, youthful prestigious. Appearance tacitly taken into account when applying for a job. Not to mention the fact that an attractive, taut appearance facilitates familiarity with the opposite sex and a device of personal life.

Now the worldwide web and print publications there are many articles and materials on the HLS. More and more sports centers where you can do different types of fitness. All this has its effect, and many people are trying to join the healthy way of life.

What is included in a healthy lifestyle? Here are the most important components:

  • proper nutrition,
  • physical activity (sports and fitness),
  • sufficient exposure to fresh air (providing oxygen),
  • exercises aimed at maintaining the nervous system in good condition (meditation,etc.)
  • the rejection of bad habits,
  • rational alternation of work and rest, etc.

The types of fitness that can be practiced alone

Fitness (means “to be in good shape”) helps the body to acquire excellent physical shape. It includes the following components:

  • healthy heart and vessels
  • force
  • endurance
  • flexibility
  • good coordination of movements,
  • quick response,
  • toned body with no extra pounds.

Fitness can be enjoyed at the sports centre with swimming pool, gym, various groups under the guidance of coaches. But you can practice it independently, you do not need to go somewhere or to go. Below it is about these types of fitness.

Walking, running, Cycling and other exercises


In English-speaking countries it is called Jogging. Also called “shuffling” gait. It features low speed, which is only slightly more than the usual quick walk.

In order to avoid dangerous overloads very important to follow the correct running speed. Overload is particularly dangerous for inexperienced goggerle or for people with heart problems. That criterion suitable speed. It sounds like this: if it turns out quietly, panting, to talk with a partner in running, then it is correct.

Jogging is different from running a different technique movements. When it “phase of flight” minor: when you lift one foot off the ground and the body becomes unsupported, the other foot is immediately placed on the ground.

While regular (especially high-speed) running, everything looks different. There “phase of flight” when the body rises up and remains without support, lasts longer. Therefore, when Jogging the risk of personal injury is lower than with simple and speed running.

It is good that he includes the work of all organs of the body. First and foremost, it effectively trains the heart, which is why it has gained such popularity. He also leads in excellent condition the muscles and joints of the feet.

Prolonged Jogging appears interesting phenomenon: people experience a sense of euphoria, which comes from intoxication by oxygen. This happens because during this exercise the costs are relatively small, but oxygen consumption increased.

Jogging has no age limit. However, it is not recommended for people having heart ailments and blood vessels, and disease of the musculoskeletal system.

Nordic walking

Is a walking with sticks, which has become known in the world since the late 90-ies of XX century. However, people walking with sticks in ancient times, when there was a need to move around the mountains, hills and rough terrain. They also have long applied to physical therapy (exercise therapy).

However, the sports phenomenon they have become in the early 40-ies of XX century. Then Finnish skiers-professionals in preparation for the competition began in the summer to do without skis, using only sticks.

Then began a boom of this kind of fitness. Due to the simplicity and availability of classes, Nordic walking has gained increasing popularity. She then received the name “Nordic walking”. Currently it is popular all over the world.

Despite the simplicity of implementation, training is of great benefit. List the effects of this lesson:

  • involves 85% of the muscles of the body,
  • while it burns 45% more calories than a simple walk,
  • improves the condition of joints and spine,
  • exercises the heart, blood vessels, respiratory system,
  • trains coordination.

For these lessons requires the use of special sticks. Unlike ski is that they are significantly shorter. The use of sticks with an incorrect length is unacceptable. This increases the load on the muscles of the back, spine, knees, ankle joints

Sticks designed for these workouts, characterized by high ease. They are made of aluminum, composite materials, carbon fiber. They come in one piece or telescopic (retractable at the required height). Telescopic good way to determine the length of the sticks individually.

The length of the stick is selected from the calculation: human height in centimeters × 0,66.

For example, your height is 175 cm, in this case, the length of the stick should be 175 × 0,66 = 115 cm.

Handle sticks for this walk is equipped with special straps that secures the brush. Because it can push off the ground without squeezing the handle. This reduces the load on the muscles of the hands and arms.

Special shoes for classes is not required. Is enough comfortable shoes.


This fitness effectively trains the heart and blood vessels, strengthens and develops the muscles of the body. He is also a good preventive measure against diseases of leg joints: knees, ankles.

When this kind of fitness joints should be given special attention. During training it is very important to ensure a sufficient flow of fluid into the body, so it is necessary to take water with you. Lack of fluid leads to the lack of natural lubrication of the joints, because of this, they wear out faster.

For training it is important to choose the right clothes. It should be warm enough and fit enough to avoid hypothermia, which is dangerous for the health of the joints. Clothing should be well fit and at the same time to be loose enough to not hamper movement and not to obstruct the flow of blood.

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