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Types of fasting days for weight loss

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Today, nutritionists recognize that a balanced diet is a systematic consumption of nutritious foods and minor starvation. Such fasting days for weight loss will help to put the figure in order and will not harm your health. Let's look at this issue.


It's no secret that strictly restricting oneself in food means creating stress for our body. Almost every diet implies this kind of restriction. At the same time, when a person begins to trim himself in calories, then soon after the end of the diet, kilograms return in larger quantities.

So what are the benefits of fasting days for weight loss? With them, the body does not experience extreme stress, because already in the morning after such starvation a person begins to eat as before. Thus, a certain system is formed, thanks to which the body gets used to cleansing over time and begins to transfer restrictions in food more easily.


satiety is felt faster;
The gastrointestinal tract gets rid of loads and is restored;
skin condition improves;
the risk of any abnormalities in the liver and gall bladder is reduced.

unloading plate

Important Tips

The main thing is regularity. Otherwise, there will be no result. Only with a systematic approach after a month can you lose from 2 to 5 kg.

It’s hard to get used to the regimen at first, so you’ll probably experience headaches. Important:

in the presence of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, consultation with a doctor is required;
avoid physical activity during fasting days;
prepare in advance for unloading.


Nutritionists do not give out certain days. Your lifestyle can help with this issue. If by tradition every Friday you relax with friends, then starting with her is not an option. On weekends, often, plans to meet with the family, which means that there are places to be family dinners.

According to practice, the most accurate schedule for fasting is twice a week. They should take place not one after the other, but with a break, for example, it can be Monday and Thursday.

How it works?

Food should not be completely excluded; the main goal is to reduce calories to five hundred per day. It is better to give preference to products that are rich in protein, as well as fiber. Do not forget about the exclusion of alcohol and a decrease in carbohydrate intake.

We activate the mechanism of weight loss as follows: when there is no “heavy” food all day, our body begins to get used to it, and in the morning, without restrictions, consume much less food.

Effective Options


Buckwheat is a classic product. It simply contains a storehouse of vitamins and dietary fiber, due to which the normalization of the functioning of the digestive tract is carried out. Proteins contained in buckwheat have similar properties to proteins of meat.

Diet: 700 g of buckwheat, rosehip broth, water without gases. You can use unsweetened tea. Everything is simple: boil, divide into several portions and eat.

However, nutritionists recommend unloading on buckwheat porridge once a week.

buckwheat plate


Thanks to the benefits of kefir, digestion improves, immunity increases, unnecessary fluid and harmful toxins are excreted. When carrying out such starvation, one should prepare and exclude fatty foods a day before.

Use only kefir, the fat content of which should not exceed 1%. Moreover, its quantity is not limited, most importantly – at least two liters. Remember about water. If there is a strong feeling of hunger, it is allowed to eat an apple in the afternoon.


Fruit is our everything

If you need to feel lightness in the body, then unloading on fruits is an excellent option, because this is a large amount of vitamins and nutrients. Digestion improves, hair acquires a well-groomed appearance, and the condition of nails and skin improves.

This option is suitable for people who constantly observe proper nutrition, that is, exclude flour products, sweets, spicy foods from their diet.

Menu: 2 kg of various fruits and vegetables and any freshly squeezed juice from them. A variety of vegetables, fruits, and greens can be eaten raw, for example, as a salad. As a dressing, lemon juice, kefir, yogurt, as well as some vegetable unrefined oil are suitable.

During the fasting day, you may feel slight weakness, dizziness.



This is a pretty easy diet option, because hunger is almost not noticeable. Variety will not leave you indifferent, because you can use all the protein products. The main nuance here is the observance of small portions of up to two hundred grams and 4-hour intervals between all meals.

protein foods


Carrots are not only useful and give a feeling of satiety, but also have a low calorie content and removes unnecessary liquid, due to which the stomach is cleaned of various toxins and toxins. Perfect, isn't it?

Menu: 450 g of raw carrots, 1 tablespoon of honey, about 2 drops of lemon juice, a rosehip broth or tea without a sweetener.

The cooking method is quite simple: using a grater, grind carrots, add a tablespoon of honey, season with lemon juice and eat such a salad all day. An important condition is at least 3 liters of fluid per day.

In each cooked carrot, add any fruit, for example, apple, orange, pomegranate, kiwi. For dinner, it is allowed to eat grapefruit.

carrot juice and carrots

On apples and kefir

You only need to eat apples and drink kefir. Thanks to this, all metabolic processes are accelerated, which means that weight loss occurs.

apples and kefir

On apples

Such a diet will make up for the lack of vitamins. Only apples are allowed, the number of which is unlimited. It’s better that they are green.


On tea with milk

It is difficult to withstand, but the body is perfectly cleansed in a day. Cooking: 3-4 teaspoons of green tea brew in a half liter of milk. It is important that it is not greasy.

tea with milk

On grapefruit and egg whites

Everyone knows about the benefits of citrus. They are rich in vitamins and minerals, which help strengthen immunity. Citrus fruits contain a large amount of fiber, which improves the digestive tract. In addition, excess fluid is excreted. If the goal is to get rid of the effects of overeating, especially after heavy feasts, then this is ideal.

6 meals First you can eat grapefruit, then two cooked egg whites, and then simply alternate. We only drink clean water. Thanks to this unloading, the body will not get depleted, since the diet is rich in proteins, vitamins, trace elements and water.

grapefruit and eggs

Cottage cheese

Diet: 500 g of low-fat cottage cheese, 60-100 g of low-fat sour cream, two cups of tea without sugar with milk. All this is divided into six servings.

You can also cook cottage cheese with sweet pepper. For two servings you will need:

100 gr. cheese;
300 gr red pepper;
200 gr. low fat cottage cheese;
half a bunch of onions;
a couple of lettuce;
30 gr Luke;
salt and pepper.

cottage cheese


Cooking ::

Remove the peel from half of the middle zucchini, peel it of seeds and cut the flesh into strips.
Grind one beetroot and carrots on a grater.
Dice one onion.
Put half of the vegetables in a pan, and spread rice on top with an even layer.
Then add the remaining vegetables.
Fill with water, bring to a boil, simmer under the lid for about 10 minutes.
Pour with cold milk and let it boil again. Done!



Menu: 600 grams of low-fat fish, herbal broth, gas-free water. Instead of a decoction, you can use tea without sugar. We cook or steam fish without salt and divide into 4-6 servings.

steamed fish


The list of dishes: 300 grams of rice, sweet pepper, rosehip broth. Cook rice without salt, divide into 3 servings. For breakfast we serve rice with a pinch of cinnamon, for lunch and dinner – sweet finely chopped pepper or boiled carrots.

rice porrige


To start, cook 2 liters of vegetable soup:

The main ingredient is cabbage. We take most of it.
Then cut 6 small onions, tomatoes, 2 peppers, 1 carrot, 1 cucumber and a bunch of celery.
It is all necessary to fill in with cold water.
Bring to a boil and leave for 10 minutes.
Next, reduce the heat and cook until the desired softness of vegetables.
You can add curry sauce.
Eat soup 4-5 times a day.
Drink tea without sugar.

a bowl of soup


It is necessary to prepare one and a half liters of juice. It can be vegetable or fruit, but without a sweetener. Also suitable are cocktails made from apples and carrots, from cabbage, carrots and beets. Allowed to drink still mineral water.

girl drinks juice


Required: 2 kg of cucumbers, freshly squeezed juice or green tea. Only greenery is allowed to be added to cucumbers. We eat 4-5 times.

cucumber on a plate


During the day, 2 or 3 servings are acceptable to choose from:

a cup of milk 0.5%;
a cup of low-fat yogurt;
a cup of low-fat kefir;
30 g of hard low-fat cheese;
50 g low-fat cottage cheese.




one slice of bread;
half a cup of pasta without spices and salt;
half a glass of buckwheat, oatmeal or rice porridge.



For breakfast – millet porridge.
For lunch – cabbage and carrot salad.
For an afternoon snack – apple and plum compote.
For dinner – boiled pumpkin.
During the day – water or herbal tea.

oatmeal with apples


This view is adored by Nikolai Baskov. It is required to eat half a kg of watermelon pulp all day. Divide into 5 receptions.



We only eat cabbage salad. You can add sweet pepper, carrots and season with lemon juice. It is allowed to eat cabbage leaves and a stalk. From the liquid – water, fruit compotes without sugar.

cabbage salad


For all types of unloading, there are a number of contraindications:

chronic liver and gastrointestinal diseases;
muscle dystrophy (with the exception of the protein daily diet);
diseases of the cardiovascular system (for most of the proposed forms of discharge);
individual intolerance.

It is also worth giving up if you have:

lactose intolerance (in the case of milk, curd and kefir type of discharge);
pathology of the genitourinary system and kidneys (for the curd and squash look);
clay infestations (in case of fish starvation);
tendency to constipation (with rice daily diet).

Before using fasting days, visit a nutritionist to assess the possibility of carrying them out according to your own individual characteristics of the body. During any restriction in food, listen to your condition, the body will tell you what is missing and what is consumed is superfluous. And remember: health is above harmony!


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