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Types of endurance and exercise program development

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Types of endurance and exercise program development
The contents

  • Variety endurance
  • Jogging as the best exercise for the development of endurance
  • Interval running
  • Home fitness training
  • Tips on exercise endurance

Endurance is one of those physical indicators, which is important not only in sports but also in everyday life. Work in the garden, long walks, bring the body in tone, walking with a child or a pet — all these activities can be attributed to high physical loads. Special exercises for development of endurance help to strengthen the body so that any load went to benefit the body and do not cause fatigue and strain. So getting the fitness training you need, special attention be paid to development of sports of the resource.

Variety endurance

Hardy a person is healthy, not only internally, but also externally. He has a slender toned body, beautiful posture, strong muscles. When the body increases resistance to stress, in the blood several times increases the level of red blood cells — red blood cells. The main task of these cells is to deliver oxygen to all cells of the body. The higher the number of red blood cells, the better the circulation and the faster soft cloth saturated with the necessary amount of oxygen.

Endurance is formed by using a different exercise. She conventionally divides the resources of the body into three basic types.

  • Aerobic endurance.

Muscles muscles develops with the active oxygen to the body. Aerobic exercise always boost ripple, causing active fat burning. To the aerobic fitness exercise is any movement with running, jumping, and swimming, Cycling, aerobics, dancing, skiing riding, work on the elliptical and rowing machines.

  • Anaerobic endurance.

Physical exercise anaerobic type involves work of muscles without participation of oxygen reserves. The body uses only internal resources (e.g., traction force, resistance) to strengthen the muscles and build muscle. Fitness workout anaerobic of the plan are performed on the weights or with the participation of its own weight. Classical strength exercises — presses barbells and dumbbells, pull-UPS, push-UPS, raising arms and legs in the gym.

  • Speed endurance.

All body energy is expended on the development of the ability to withstand a long time of high-speed exercise.

Before you begin to develop endurance, you need to find out how exactly her type, you should work. The best option is exercise endurance by the method of alternation. With a break of 3-4 weeks is recommended to perform first the aerobic fitness training, and then the power (anaerobic). Speed endurance is allowed to develop at any time.

Jogging as the best exercise for the development of endurance

Running exercises are considered the most versatile and effective exercise for developing athletic performance. Running not only develops speed, but also aerobic endurance.

Jogging physical activity have a significant impact on the resource ability of the organism: the results obtained by running can also be used in swimming, skiing, tennis court, sport rowing.

The main rule of successful sprint — training with a gradual increase in physical activity. You should not start your fitness training with long distances and large loads. The basis of the amount of endurance training with minimal speeds and distances. Gradually, the exercises should be complicated by adding options active movements (knees Solisti stop back squats), or increasing the workload of the route on rough terrain, uphill.

Improved aerobic endurance requires constant time increases fitness workouts. For the development of speed endurance you will need for each class to overcome its previous speed record, changing the location and amplitude of movements in the process of running.

Interval running

Perfect combined exercise for the simultaneous development of speed, aerobic endurance and interval running. This is a special cross-country exercise, which involves splitting the class into several time intervals: running at top speed alternates with moments of walking or Jogging.

The best option for beginners is to train at a distance of 700 to 800 meters. The first 200 meters should be run at the maximum possible speed, next 100 meters to go dynamic step, and then again to reach maximum pace.

Such intervals can be many: it all depends on the goals of the athlete. Gradually increasing the distance and varying the length of the intervals, it is possible to develop not only endurance, but also to get rid of excess weight. Interval running is the ideal exercise for overall strengthening of the body.

Home fitness training

To develop resistance to stress can not only in the gym but also at home. This does not require powerful equipment available compact sports equipment — dumbbells, weights, horizontal bars, jump rope. Power fitness training at home not only improve endurance, but also increase muscle tone.

The most effective exercises include:

  • squats with the weights;
  • squats with a narrow or broad statement of the feet;
  • pull on the bar (lifting, leg scissoring or with weights);
  • base, lateral bar;
  • raising the bar with the legs, relying on the kettlebell or dumbbell;
  • push-UPS from different structures (floor, benches, walls);
  • attacks with different speed and amplitude of movements.

For the development of aerobic endurance and speed indoors and outdoors, you can use the following types of activity:

  • running on the simulator;
  • bike riding;
  • jumping rope (base jumping, jumping on one leg, crossing the rope);
  • skiing;
  • roller skating and figure skating.

In addition to the development of sports reserve, the above-mentioned physical activity strengthens the cardiovascular and respiratory system, and relieve sleep disorders.

Tips on exercise endurance

To fitness endurance training gave a positive result, it is necessary to observe some rules.

  • Start training with his or her own weight, slowly adding weights.
  • Make a study plan that will allow even distribution of physical activity by days of the week without harm for health.
  • Record your scores and personal records, particularly with the development of speed endurance: so you can clearly track their success in sport.
  • There is not one definitive answer to the question of how productively to develop your endurance. Every athlete is looking for the most optimal and comfortable way. Untrained people should be careful to distribute physical stress, combining exercise together.

    People with great sports experience it is better to stay in types of training which they would prefer. For example, if a person has long been involved in powerlifting, then he should start the development of endurance with aerobic exercises. If the athlete prefers athletics, it is the perfect physical exercise for the development of endurance and power training.

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