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Two-time Miss Olympia again received a Pro card in an amateur tournament

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Erin sttern

If one of the professionals of the IFBB Professional League plays in an alternative federation, then he loses the right to compete in IFBB Pro tournaments, but not forever. If he wants to return, he needs to earn his pro-card again at one of the qualification events. The first such incident occurred just this weekend in Ho Chi Minh City and directly from the former repeated winner of Olympia!
Erin Stern, an American who won the Figure category at Ms. Olympia in 2010 and 2012, disappeared several years after the Australian Pro Grand Prix 2014. A new period had already begun in her division at that time and the judges began to give preference to stronger ones. athletes with full round muscles. Erin felt the chance to return to the competitive scene only with the advent of professional competitions of the new IFBB Elite League. Last year at Arnold Classic Africa she was in fourth place, which was low for an ambitious athlete.
After losing the professional league card of Jim Manion to Arnold Classic Africa, she tried to win it again at the amateur tournament Musclecontest Vietnam Pro Qualifier-2019. Stern entered the bikini category, dominated these competitions and again received a professional card. As Erin herself wrote on the Instagram page:

“On Saturday, I again won the IFBB PRO League pro card in bikini at the Musclecontest international Vietnam tournament. For those of you who know me, you remember that I performed at IFBB PRO Figure and won Ms. twice. Olympia Most do not know the rest of the story … After my last Olympia, I decided to leave the IFBB Pro League and competed in another federation, thereby losing my professional status. I wanted to return more than anything! But in order to return, I had to qualify again! This dream came true on Saturday! I am so grateful to all the people who supported me and helped me in this! Bodybuilding is an individual sport, but it’s amazing that we can all help each other become better. ”

For the first time in history, an interesting situation arose when the winner of Olympia again fought for a professional card after all her achievements. The Jim Manion Federation has already congratulated Stern on his return: “Congratulations Erin! We are so glad that you returned home! ”

Musclecontest Vietnam Pro Qualifier-2019

Musclecontest Vietnam Pro Qualifier-2019

Musclecontest Vietnam Pro Qualifier-2019

Musclecontest Vietnam Pro Qualifier-2019

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