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Twisting is a basic set of exercises for the press

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Twisting is a basic set of exercises for the press

Twisting exercise, the load of the abdominal muscles and help create six pack abs. If you want to get rid of excess belly fat, crunches , repeat until muscle failure and work without the use of weights. When you need to work muscle an array of bark, and to give impulse to muscle growth, we take the load and are limited to a smaller number of repetitions (20). Precise relief sought, using alternately both workouts.

Twisting on the floor – a classic exercise fitness

Ordinary crunches, performed lying on the floor, is the most commonly practiced kind of twists in fitness. They form a strong upper abs and at the same time almost do not load the lower back.

Work lying on your back, palms located on the back of the head, elbows divorced legs bent at an angle of ninety degrees. When making a movement of the body off from the floor, rise up and try to tilt to the pelvis. Do the exercise smoothly, greatly straining the abdominal muscles.

Oblique twists strengthen the core muscles

When twisting is performed with rotation, the load is distributed between the oblique muscles and the upper plot line. The same situation as if you were doing regular crunches on the floor. Then raise your upper body, making at the same time turn to the right. Return to the starting position and perform the next corner to the left.

Crunches on a flat bench load the upper part of the stomach

To achieve the beauty and prominence of the upper part of the press best suited curl lying on an inclined plane. For their execution are transferred from the floor to decline bench and lie on it upside down. Feet fix, and having the feet under special emphasis. Lift the case back, bending down to the feet.

Twisting on the block stimulate muscle growth

Twisting using the simulator allow you to give a boost to the muscle growth. Kneeling down next to the block machine and pull down on the handle of the block, bending to the floor. Return to the starting position is carried out smoothly and slowly.

Side twisting model the contours of the waist of the HLS fan

In side twisting load are getting the obliques. This kind of twists are used when you need to pull up the sides and make the waist slim. Lie on your side, one hand slid behind her head and make bending down, trying to pull the shoulder towards the pelvis. When making a movement the body twists at the waist. Here need help from the partner, which will secure the feet.

Reverse crunches: beauty and relief of the bottom of the press

To strengthen the lower abdomen using the reverse twisting. These twisting differ from the others in that active movement does the lower part of the torso, not the top. Take the situation lying down: hands placed along the body, legs with bent knees raised so that the hips become perpendicular to the floor. Performing twisting, the pelvis off from the floor surface and pull the bent leg toward your chest.

Press: diagonal crunches on the floor (video)

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