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Tumbling lessons for beginners: training and simple exercises

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Tumbling lessons for beginners: training and simple exercises
The contents

  • Preparing for fitness training
  • Exercises for beginners
  • Complicated elements to strengthen the body

Acrobatics is one of the most spectacular and challenging sports destinations: most of the exercises in it are technically complex and require a high level of endurance and strength. Experienced athletes start training from early childhood, when the body is still quite flexible, and joints mobile. Acrobatics requires a long exhausting training and requires a high level of self-discipline. Those who decided to master this sport in adulthood, need a lot of work. First we need to learn simple tricks to improve coordination and help to move properly during a fall, preventing serious injury.

Preparing for fitness training

Each lesson begins with warm-UPS, which accelerate blood circulation, warming the muscles, ligaments, tendons. The complex can include exercises such as rotating the head, body, hips, hands, leg swings and arms; the slopes of the body forward and sideways, turns with breeding hands. In addition, use Jogging in one place, jumping rope or with a wide dilution of feet and clapping of hands over the head. Finish the workout with a calm walk, and then stand on your toes and stretch hands upwards. Drooping limbs through the sides down and repeat the movement several times to catch my breath.

To classes acrobatics did not cause harm, must be aware of the following things:

  • People suffering from diseases of the cardiovascular or musculoskeletal system, classes have to give. The same applies to people who have problems with intracranial pressure.
  • If fitness classes are held in the home, you must prepare sufficient free space. Need to make sure are not near furniture with sharp edges, which could damage the people in the fall. Ideal for training will be a sports hall with lots of mats and extra gear.
  • When choosing clothes should be guided by the comfort: things that should not hamper or interfere. The most convenient option would be gymnastics leotards for men and sports tops with leggings for women.

Description of the exercises can be challenging the correctness of their understanding, so in addition to written instructions it is recommended to learn the techniques in video materials to have a complete understanding of the performed movements. The first lesson is not superfluous to the help of a partner or trainer, which will insure when performing elements.

Exercises for beginners

To start fitness training you should be simple exercises that is familiar to many in the school physical education lessons. They will learn to feel your body and finding balance in non-standard poses.

The most simple element of acrobatics are somersaults. They teach the athlete properly grouped and useful both during the development of jumps and drops. Technique:

  • From a standing position squat. Knees slightly diluted in hand, your palm rests on the floor in front of him.
  • Easily pushed feet first, simultaneously bend the elbows.
  • Rolling through the head, chin while pulled up to chest and knees pulled to her shoulders.
  • At the time of being back on the floor off your hands from the floor and put them on the lower part of the legs from the outside.
  • Then take the starting position, standing on his haunches.
  • This fitness element can be done backwards:

  • Squat down, palms put on the floor.
  • Push off hands and feet from the floor, turning the body back. The hands are placed on the tibia, pulling the legs to the shoulders.
  • At the time of the coup the hands move on the floor, pushing them again and take the starting position.
  • Correctly performed somersaults in the future will help you master this difficult exercise as flip double and triple coup.

    Another important for beginners, element is the bridge. It develops flexibility of the spine and increases stamina of the arms and legs. To perform the exercise as you can against the wall and on the fitball. When you run at a wall must adhere to the following steps:

  • Stand with your back to the wall, the distance between it and the body should be about a meter. The feet put shoulder-width apart.
  • Raise your hands up, throw your head back.
  • Put your palms on the wall and gently down at her, moving his hands.
  • Palms touching a floor, fix position. Toes deployed in the direction of feet.
  • When you run the bridge with fitball gently fall on his back and roll the body backwards until the hands touch the floor. Curved, locking position; a ball if necessary, you can push to the side.

    Many people from the school period the sign of the element of “birch”. It should also include in their classes, as it perfectly strengthens the neck, back, arms and teaches us to keep balance of the body. To perform lie on your back, United together, feet pulled up, lifting your lower back off the floor. Hands hold the small of the back or possible the back under the shoulder blades.

    Complicated elements to strengthen the body

    After mastering the previous elements in classes you can add more complex exercises, such as handstand and wheel. They are also included in the basis for more complicated tricks, so learn them first.

    The order of execution of the element “Wheel”:

  • Rise directly, feet put on width apart, hands pull up.
  • Easily repelled from the floor, bend sideways.
  • Put the palm on the floor and raise the opposite leg.
  • Then stretch to the floor second hand and are repelled from the surface of the second leg.
  • Shift the body weight to the opposite side. Alternately put your feet on the floor and straightened.
  • The second name of this element “Sun”. With due perseverance to master it, quite simply, the exercise requires little endurance and muscle strength.

    An important skill in acrobatics is the ability to keep your balance; improve it help Desk is on hand. In the Lite version it is performed with the knees:

  • Kneel, hands rests on the floor in front of him.
  • Leaning forward, his head also resting on the floor.
  • Slowly pull your knees to your chest, then straighten legs up.
  • Find body balance and fixed position.
  • Stand at arm’s length more difficult to execute, to start training better near the wall:

  • Put the palm of 15-20 cm from the wall, the elbows straighten.
  • Do swing one leg up and then pull the second, throwing limbs on the wall.
  • Gradually the limbs are withdrawn from the wall and learn to catch balance.
  • Fitness training with the inclusion of acrobatic elements will help the athlete to improve agility and flexibility of body and also strengthen the muscles of the whole body. Most importantly — treat them with full seriousness in order to avoid injuries.

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