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Tumbling for kids: how useful and harmful

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Acrobatic skills quickly come to the original level, if not to engage in with regularity. Riding a bike or learning to swim would remain forever, but the flexibility, strength and agility you need to train. Talk about acrobatics?

Acrobatics is a very ancient discipline. She was known in Egypt in 2300 BC and in Ancient Greece and Rome. Is a branch of gymnastics, but more spectacular. Acrobatics as well as gymnastics, to fully involve agility, balance, flexibility and strength to build complex elements and their combinations.

The translation of the word “tumbling” means “to walk” or “climb up”.

Early acrobats were circus performers who do dangerous stunts on top. Today, the sport is divided into areas:

  • Acrobatics was formed in 30-ies of XX century. She is hopping, steam room and group.
  • The circus is a spectacular elements and stunts performed in the circus.
  • The special is part of the dance is used in martial arts, and training martial units.

Benefit from the classes

First of all, playing acrobatics tame the irrepressible energy of the baby, after all, will require not only strength to perform exercises, but also a high concentration. As a result of fatigue is and body, and the nervous system. You need to think twice whether to give the child to class if he has another few hours of mental or physical exertion.

Classes in the first months will strengthen a muscular corset and form a beautiful posture. Students is fine acrobatic circles, at this age it is difficult to do without movement, and exercise will become a breath of clean air.

The little acrobats will be able to respond quickly to unsafe situations, to keep balance and not fall, properly grouped, if not avoid falling. Job on speed, agility and endurance they will carry with ease.

Help tumbling, and quite clumsy children, because it trains the vestibular apparatus and coordination.

Acrobatics: danger or health promotion?

Any physically active sport makes stronger bones, improves the immune response of the body, trains the heart and gives tone to the muscles. The acrobatics in this respect, multifunctional and in addition to the above increases stamina, flexibility, balance.

Despite the huge list of pros, parents fear for the health of the child. However, the likelihood of injury if the right approach is also small, as in other, less dangerous sports. A professional will never force a toddler to do the impossible. Children begin to engage with feasible for them to load. After the work lead and the basic elements they are going to make a really complex and beautiful things.

Part of the training of young athletes engaged in physical training and another part dedicated to the testing of the elements and their combinations. While the process is built from easy to difficult. And, of course, the coaches should acquaint children and parents with safety rules. Risks useless.

The children in the teach group, the elements of protection and insurance that they can use not only in the classroom but also in everyday life. To keep from slipping on the ice to Dodge the blow in a fight, and may even make a dance with elements of acrobatics — it will all be available to the child. The main thing to workout was an interesting kid and bring positive emotions.

As far as acrobatics threat?

Experienced mentors assure that this kind of gymnastics is on the level of risk with team sports or skiing.An untrained kid will step by step learn a simple exercise that will challenge you as it is to get used to the load.

To start doing a little bit challenging but still safe, the child will need to do at least a year, by this time he had to be quite strong and hardy.

Acrobatics for children seems dangerous when you know nothing about her.

You know something. Training exercises are performed with a safety belt. Coaches also use rope belay system, good warm up the body warming up and stretching to avoid injuries. Find out more about the coach, who want to trust the child, then there will be no doubt of the correct choice.

Interesting fact: in training little athletes without injury very long, but to get hurt at home or fall can easily. Often the desire to boast of their skill may result in an injury.

The task of parents – to warn the child that he had full understanding of the undesirable consequences and act consciously.

Who are not allowed to do acrobatics?

Should be checked by a doctor before allowing a child to serious physical stress. Definitely not recommended by the doctor to engage the child with the following health deviations:

  • myopia;
  • cardiovascular disease;
  • mental disorders;
  • asthma;
  • a serious disease of musculoskeletal system.

Do not despair, if the child is medically not fit this type of activity. There are so many sections: from dance to children’s fitness and Wellness, in which the child can develop physically.

At what age to give the baby to exercise?

Already from 3-4 years Studio take of athletes. Small children are still very flexible and agile, so they do not need to exert much effort to develop these qualities, in contrast to children of other ages.

It is important not to overdo it with the load. Experienced trainer dealing with children of different ages and know the limits of their wards. The mentor will give the child more rest or release from the training early, if you understand what further work it will be harmful.

Psychologists and doctors advise to start doing acrobatics 6 or 7 years. By this time the body is already physically and mentally prepared for extraordinary loads.

We can teach the child?

Various jumps, flips, wheel — one of the few elements that can surprise the little contortionist or acrobat. They will also see various handstands, the splits, stretching exercises, elements and hold body in a certain position. In short, you’ll be proud of a young athlete and marvel at the capabilities of the young organism.

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