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TRX fitness: exercises for major muscle groups

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TRX fitness: exercises for major muscle groups
The contents

  • The benefits of fitness training with loops-TRX
  • Basic exercises for the muscles of the whole body
  • Sample program fitness

Fitness, as a system of physical exercise on the human body for the purpose of improvement and elimination of flaws, with time evolving, and in it there are new directions that meet the needs of modern man. Exercises performed with the help of special ropes-TRX mounted on a fairly high altitude, are modern methods to provide comprehensive physical activity. This work is suitable for people of both sexes, who strive to achieve and maintain good physical shape, to strengthen the muscles of the entire body and to get rid of a few extra pounds.

The benefits of fitness training with loops-TRX

The first thing you need to know for those who decided to use the fitness training functional loop: TRX is the name not of the projectile, and its manufacturer. There are many firms specializing in the manufacture of such ropes with loops for sports, but for convenience, this sports equipment is called TRX loops.

Invented the TRX loops and developed the methodology of the exercises with them, a U.S. military instructor, who had to maintain good physical form of the wards, to develop their stamina and coordination in conditions of inaccessibility of exercise equipment.

Fitness training with a functional ropes have several advantages over studies using other sports equipment and simulators:

  • loop-TRX features a compact size and mobility, making them easy to take along and engaged in any convenient location, without interrupting the program of fitness training;
  • with this sports equipment can provide high-quality load on the muscles throughout the body, including muscles, stabilizers, which are difficult to study when carrying out a standard fitness weight;
  • thanks to regular work with loops it is possible to strengthen the entire muscular system and thus improve your posture, because strong muscles begin to more effectively carry out its main task of fixing the spine in a straight vertical position;
  • exercise with this exercise equipment is very effective in developing stamina and coordination.

Basic exercises for the muscles of the whole body

The variety and flexibility of exercises performed using the functional hinge allows you to work all major muscle groups within one workout. For this you need to include in the lessons the following training facilities:

  • Pull one hand to strengthen the core muscles and upper extremities.

Take the loop and stretch the feet into the floor, moving the lower limb forward so that the torso was in an inclined position. Next, you need, holding the loop, pull yourself up on one arm, twisting the body and striving to reach out with his free hand to the attachment of the rope to the support. You should then SAG, holding the loop and pulling the free upper limb back. This exercise is extremely useful to those involved in tennis or basketball.

  • Start of a Sprinter.

Hold the loop with two hands so that the ropes passed under the armpits, and the face was directed at the floor. Take one direct the lower limb back and supporting leg bent, taking a position identical to the starting posture of a runner. Rebounding heel support lower limbs, straighten up, a little spring at the same time. Repeat the exercise in equal numbers on each supporting leg.

  • A push-up.

Make the initial position, optimizing your feet to the floor, hands in loops. Bending your elbows, you need to lower the body, perform a standard push-up, then you should draw the upper limb forward, keeping the hands shoulder width apart. Such a drawing allows you to strengthen the muscle and connective tissue of the shoulders. Then it is necessary to return to the starting position and repeat the exercise.

  • Squat The Pistol.

To take two hands for loop, print the direct lower limb forward. Next you need to take the pelvis back and sit on one leg as low as possible. Pushing the heel into the floor, straighten up due to the work of the muscles supporting the lower limbs a little help from their hands. After completing the required number of squats on one leg, to change the control of the lower limb and repeat this element of the fitness training the same number of times.

  • The breeding of the upper limbs.

Stand up straight, to take with both hands the hinges and arms out to the sides, hanging on the ropes. To stay in bottom position for 2 seconds, to reduce the upper limb straight in front of chest and pull the body to the starting upright position. This element of fitness classes with loops working on the muscles of the shoulders and upper back.

  • Bulgarian lunges with loops.

To get back to the rope, bend one lower limb back and put foot in loop. Further to strain the press and bend the knee of the supporting leg at right angles, preventing the patella came over the line formed by the toes. Newporno leg we need to get as far as possible, to shift the emphasis of the load on the gluteal muscles. The exercise of an equal number of repetitions on each supporting leg.

  • Twisting with emphasis on the biceps shoulders.

Hold loop reverse grip and sagging on the ropes. Then, in the exercise bend the elbows and through the work of the biceps muscle of the shoulders to pull the body up. The shoulders and elbows should be pressed to the sides.

  • Flexion of the lower extremities in the supine position.

Lie on your back, place heels in loops and raise the upper limbs to the sides, turning the palm of your hand back side up. Inhale, raise the buttocks while bending your knees and pulling them to the stomach. Straighten the lower limb and repeat this element of fitness classes.

Sample program fitness

Fitness training on the basis of the above exercise movements with the TRX loops can be carried out according to the following scheme:

  • The warm-up.
  • Pull by hand and the sprint start (15 seconds rest after each training motion). The second approach with one minute rest between exercises.
  • Push-UPS and squats on one leg. The first 15 seconds of rest between exercises, the second is 60 seconds.
  • Breeding hands and Bulgarian lunges. Two approaches with the rest in the first set to 15 seconds, and the second is 60 seconds.
  • Flexion of the biceps of the upper and lower extremities. Two approaches were performed with 15-second rest in the first and 60 second in the second.
  • Hitch.
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