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Truth and rumour about bodybuilding

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In order to bodybuilding was successful, you need to pump not only the muscles but also the brain. The construction of the body is impossible without real information, on the basis of which will be made.

To bodybuilding brought results, you need to start from scientific facts and anatomical features of the human body, not from the conversations of guys in the gym. So-called experts can give lots of recommendations, not knowing how to actually work the human body. Relying on the opinions of these people, you will come to disappointment and the realization that a lot of time and effort was wasted. When it comes to increasing muscle mass and burning fat, it is not necessary to believe in all that they say.

They say that a large number of iterations are used for burn fat and to build muscle mass exercises are done in a small number of iterations. In order to increase muscles, you need progressive loading, the determining factor is not the amount of load and its progression. That is, the exercise in the same number of repetitions will not allow you to build muscle, this number is expected to increase from workout to workout. The same applies to weight, if you work with the same weight, then progress will not be. As for getting rid of body fat, you need to spend more calories, it does not matter, due to some activity that happens – more repetitions in the gym or fast-paced Hiking.

They say that vegetarians can’t build muscle, and believe it, even the vegetarians. If a person does not eat meat and dairy products to build muscle it will be more difficult, but it is real. In order to get enough protein, vegetarians use soy protein isolate.

Studies have shown that the use of high-quality soy protein allows you to gain lean muscle mass.

They say that for muscle mass you need more food, so you can swing and eat everything without restrictions. Eat everything in unlimited quantities can only be those who doesn’t care about their health and appearance. In bodybuilding it is important to get a certain amount of calories from certain foods – the protein and carbohydrate. A visit to the hall did not authorize the use of this amount of food, what you like.

They say that to build muscle you need to eat more protein on this basis many have turned to protein diets. Protein really is the building blocks of muscles, but in addition to his muscles need energy. The main source of calories are carbohydrates, so to build muscle in protein diet is impossible.

They say that weight training burn fat, promoters of this claim is again very far from the truth. Muscles play a crucial role in the acceleration of metabolism, faster metabolism allows you to burn calories and lose weight. While strength training does not burn fat, to spend more calories choose exercise cardio.

Saying that steroids will help you obtain big muscles without any extra effort. Muscles grow from a combination of proper training and nutrition, without these two circumstances, the steroids will not bring success. Most steroids accelerate muscle growth, increase the density of muscle tissue, but they cannot be used as a replacement for training and nutrition.

Say you can build muscles and lose fat at the same time, you can even stumble upon a program for such purposes. At the same time to increase muscle tissue and burn fat are only a handful of people with a particular genetic data, and the subject of steroid use. The average person needs to choose one or the other: increase calorie intake to build muscle mass or reduce it for fat loss. Fat loss and muscle building correspond to different power system and training program.

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