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Truth and myths about female fitness training

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Truth and myths about female fitness training
The contents

  • Myth 1: Strength fitness workout female ruining the spine
  • Myth 2: Physical activity may provoke uterine prolapse
  • Myth 3: Exercise with dumbbells lead to big muscle growth
  • Myth 4: Women have nothing to do on a typical men’s trainers
  • Myth 5: training with weights help to lose weight and build body mass
  • Myth 6: women’s — small weight and large number of repetitions

“Women are fragile and delicate creatures, they do not need to pump large muscles and lifting weights, moreover, it is harmful to health” — so I think many uninitiated people, but if thinks this way the girl is overweight, she deliberately deprives itself of the opportunity to acquire slim and toned body. Women’s fitness workout has generated a lot of myths that MedAboutMe undertakes to debunk.

Myth 1: Strength fitness workout female ruining the spine

Of course, the physical capabilities of women do not go to any comparison with the opportunities of men. Representatives of the stronger sex are much larger, they have stronger bones and spine, and muscle size a lot more like the power reserve and durability. But this does not mean that men do not face the trauma, negative changes in the spine and hernias due to insufficient training and incorrect technique of performing strength exercises. Just in both males and females different weight categories: if a woman is to “disrupt” the back is enough for 20 kg, the male for the development of the undesirable consequences twice.

Of course, for each of these values is different, the same principle remains: you can never start weight training without training. But if you gradually increase the load along with the growth of muscle tissue and strength, the health risks will tend to zero.

Myth 2: Physical activity may provoke uterine prolapse

We are talking about pathology in which the pelvic organs change their position are shifted down, often going beyond external genitalia. Among the reasons the pelvic floor muscles lose their elasticity, and the uterus falls down, it has been lifting weights. This leads many women to abandon the fitness workouts that could help to get rid of excess weight, adjust the parameters of the body and make the terrain more beautiful and slim.

The most important thing is to adhere to the rules described above. Physical exercise can harm and can benefit and then it will depend on how well-built classes, whether the existing problems and the disease came to the gym clients. If a history of traumatic prolonged childbirth, disease, associated with increased intra-abdominal pressure and other predisposing to prolapse the factors, however, it is necessary to inform the coach, and still not be amiss to consult with your doctor. But even in this case it is not necessary to give up the sport. The world knows many bodybuilders who came into the hall with a large number of problems in health, and one of them is the infamous Arnold Schwarzenegger. Few people know who he was, but all know what he became, overcoming his ailments.

Myth 3: Exercise with dumbbells lead to big muscle growth

Perhaps one of the most common myths, women are closing the doors to the gyms and disturbing to acquire the body of your dreams. Many “of bodybuilders” among those who go to the fitness club to keep myself in shape? Most likely there are none or very few of them. Moreover, even regular in men can not build the desired volume, although they have all the necessary high levels of testosterone, which is absent in women, and increased muscle mass. Even years of fitness training will not turn a woman in motion, unless it is to consume the right food and drink the appropriate preparations.

Train all of the muscles of the body during one trip to the gym is simply impossible, especially that they need to rest. If pumped body could get so simple and easy, a bodybuilder would be every second. And while among regularly visiting the hall you can watch only slim and fit people but isn’t that why a woman wants to go to a fitness club?

Myth 4: Women have nothing to do on a typical men’s trainers

Even if the fairer sex and came to the fitness club, she often avoids typical male shells in the form of dumbbells with removable weights and a bench for the bench press, near which invariably accumulates the male part of the club, watching the efforts of one athlete and insuring if necessary. Women try to have time to take a seat on a treadmill, a stationary bike and ellipsoide, the most daring is the squats with an empty fretboard and perform exercises on a press.

Cardio rope is great, especially because they help burn fat as with this stage, trainers recommend starting any lose weight and patanatomy body. But in any case such exercise should join force to help to burn calories and increase aerobic endurance. The power of fitness training has one main advantage: even after the end of the lessons, they cause the body to continue to waste energy. So to all the girls who dream to lose weight is to take a closer look at those in the hall of the trainers and get to know them.

Myth 5: training with weights help to lose weight and build body mass

If cardio helps burn fat, power — replace it with muscle. Actively and properly involved in the woman really can remain at their original weight, but during training it will be a long way from the loose and flabby body with excess fat to slim, toned and textured, in which the percentage of muscle mass is much higher than the normal level and visceral fat. Similarly, coming to the gym a man with a beer belly and thin arms, weighing more than 100 kg, can stay at his, but at the same time to get rid of complexes, health problems and acquire a muscular body to the delight of myself and the envy of his enemies.

Of course, this process is not one week, not one month. Will have to review many eating habits, to abandon the high carbohydrate foods in favor of complex carbohydrates, and the proportion of animal fats to replace the plant. The main emphasis is on proteins, which help build muscle, strengthen bones of the skeleton. Great job will have to be done in the hall, but we can not do without the help of a professional trainer, and also some electronic assistants, for example, scales-the analyzer. They will help keep track of how physical activity affects the state of the organism as rapidly declining level of visceral fat and increase muscle, have enough body water, is it a lack of calcium, etc.

Myth 6: women’s — small weight and large number of repetitions

It is believed that women should perform the exercises with a small weight, but to compensate for its large number of repetitions. Supposedly only men can do the opposite and weaker sex to be aware of the dangers of heavy lifting. Actually to make your body relief and beautiful only by increasing the number of repetitions you can not. So you will increase your strength endurance. But the fitness training more substantial weight with little reps will help sculpt your dream body. Women possible to alternate periods when they are laid out in full force, with periods of work with small weights and have to do it under the guidance of an experienced coach.

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