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Tribulus Maximus Extra from Biotech USA

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Testosterone for bodybuilder is of paramount importance. To maintain its high concentration in the body, athletes are resorting to the use of various drugs, among which Tribulus Maximus Extra, manufactured by the American company Biotech USA. Testosterone is one of the most important hormones for the male body. It directly affects the health of men, recovery processes, gain muscle mass, increase strength. The drug raises levels of testosterone are intended for use by both professional bodybuilders and Amateurs and those who are just starting to exercise. Sports Supplement drink, even those who never engaged in any physical activity because it improves the potency and men’s health.

The main advantage of this testosterone is that the product is sold at a reasonable cost and has a high efficiency inherent in American sports nutrition. In addition, if you follow the dosage, use of this hormone does not cause any side effects. The active substance of the drug is Tribulus. No extraneous additives and impurities in the product does not contain. Each tablet is enclosed 1500 mg of active component. This is the optimal dosage for those who are involved in sports.

How to take

The manufacturer recommends to use Tribulus Maximus Extra from Biotech USA one tablet per day and to drink a glass of water. It is best to take the drug in the first half of the day. Increase the dosage is prohibited. After a four-week course necessarily make a break that lasts for one month.

Violation of the instructions on the application and use of a larger number of tablets per day will lead to emergence of various side effects. Excessive drugs that stimulate the synthesis of testosterone causes development of male hormone in the body reduces. Amid the misuse of such additives, the person becomes very aggressive, he can begin the digestive problems and there are sharp jumps in pressure, there is acne. Some people have hair fall out, appears gynecomastia, and if we accept anabolic steroids, and feminization.

These problems never occurs in those athletes who follows instructions on the use of Tribulus. The drug is absolutely safe for health, but at observance of all recommendations. It is not recommended to drink for those who have problems with kidneys and heart. If manifest any side effects, stop taking the drug.

How to make the reception effective Tribulus Maximus

Receiving testosterone booster best to combine with a high-calorie diet and regular exercise. In addition, the Supplement is combined with other sports supplements that allow faster to achieve the desired result:

  • With amino acids and vitamin-mineral complexes, allowing to accelerate the processes of recovery and muscle growth.
  • With creatine to increase strength.
  • With protein drinks, which can speed up the recovery process and to accelerate gains in muscle growth.

It is impossible to take Tribulus along with other boosters and testosterone steroids and hormonal drugs.


Bodybuilders mostly leave positive reviews on this drug to increase testosterone. Athletes be satisfied with affordable price, good quality and no side effects. You can meet negative reviews about the drug in which there is a low result from the use of, but keep in mind that a good testosterone boosting can only be achieved when the rate of receiving a booster training hard and follow a high-calorie diet.

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